Breezy Days: Green & Red Apples to Apples


November 5, 2011

Green & Red Apples to Apples

Top: Anthro. Jacket: Michael Kors. Sweater: Loft. Belt, Jeans: F21. Boots: Rocket Dog. Purse: Target. Earrings: vintage.

Sooo, I woke up early this morning and totes washed everything but my hair cause blowdrying it would take WAY too much time. Sound familiar to anyone else? Definitely laziness. 
But the magic solution for my hairdo? 
Baby Powder & a back comb. 
{Thanks to Jill @ Paul Mitchell for the idea} It works wonders! If you're hair is fine like mine, it's gets lovely and greasy mega fast. Just dash in some powder {instead of the expensive dry shampoo trash}, RUB IT IN. Cause if you don't you'll look like a dandruff-y mess. Back comb, bobby pin-it, then it will stay in a cute messy bun on your head. Voila!

The McGuire's came to visit and we had lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe {it's expensive and not particularly worth it. I just decided btw}, Amelia and I had fun at a way cool Mary Kay par-tay where Amelia got to chill in the Mary Kay Mustang. LEGIT. We then got hot chocolate from 7-11 {BEST EVER. DELICIOUS. CHEAP. OPEN 24/7. CHECK IT.}, got lunch, then said our "see-you-laters".

 {Amelia&Shane McGuire, Going Away Pics}
{Check out Shane's Nikes. 25 bucks at the Nike outlet. LEGIT.}

{Ryan's Blog Photoshoot}
 Shirt:Ross. Sweater: Calvin Klein. Jacket: gift. Jeans: Anchor Blue. Shoes: Vans. 

Obviously any guy isn't too found of getting their picture taken, nevertheless having it be called a "photoshoot for the blog". Sounds a little fruity. But I had to document him in the outfit he picked himself. I have always loved a guy in a good sweater. Don't buff/manly guys look ah-mazing in a nice classy sweater? I challenge anyone to say no. Think about itttt. So, in return, he got lots of kisses. 
American Beauty {Kohls} Lipstick

I think he is fine now :) 

<3 Bri


Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog - I found it through sam n chas' blog. Just wanted to tell you this photo of your husband covered in kisses - hilarious/awesome!

Unknown said...

Glad you found my blog!! Ya...Ryan is a manly man, so taking pictures was not his thing at all. So kisses were in order :) haha. Enjoy looking around!