Breezy Days: Closet Shopping


November 21, 2011

Closet Shopping

You know where the best shopping is?
Your closet...when you actually clean it instead of it being a ploppy mess.

I finally got around to organizing and cleaning my closets {yes, it's plural, and yes I know I'm a skunk}, and I was so excited to find stuff that I forgot that I even had! 
Aka: cords, black skinny jeans, long sleeve t's, and more socks. SCORE.
{Closet #1: Sweaters, Blouses, Boots, Dresses}
{Closet #2: Jackets, Skirts}
{Scarves, head warmers, belts, and socks in Closet #2}

 I'll just preface this by apologizing for these nighttime pictures. 
It's been a crazy day and I was adamant about taking pictures of this outfit.
Sooo we ventured out into the freezing cold for these pics. Thanks hun!
I looove layering :)
I'm ashamed to say that I've had these boots for almost a year and a half and have only worn them twice.
I've needed to break them in AND I'm not a huge fan of the folded top boot thing-a-ma-bob.
With this outfit I like em' though! I'll have to start wearing them more often.
Now that I've found them in my closet again...
Sweater: Loft. T-shirt: Downeast Basics. Corduroys, Belt, Denim Jacket: American Eagle. Boots: Charlotte Russe. Necklace: gift. Ring: Breezy Days Shop. 

I have a clothing addiction, or it could just be that I haven't grown in a long time {still a midget} 
aaaaaand I love to shop.
It's a toss up. 

<3 Bri


stephanie said...

you are adorable! and i feel ya when you get your closet good and clean you find the most wonderful treasures in there!

Unknown said...

Awww shucks. Thanks :)
And seriously! It's like I hit the treasure trove of goodies!

his little lady said...

aw, glad you ventured out into the cold to take these pictures. super cute! and it's true. whenever i reorganize my closet i come across clothes i completely forgot i had. score! ;)
xo TJ

Unknown said...

Thanks! And I love cleaning out my closet to find new stuff!!! :)