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November 18, 2011

Funny Face

I have a complete obsession, admiration, and love for Audrey Hepburn.

She is the epitome of being classy, lovely, and sweet.
While also having a mind of her own, a sense of humor, and her priorities straight.

She also was picked out of a crowd by a producer, who said she had an 'interesting look' and wanted to meet with Audrey ASAP.
Audrey was then cast for the lead in "Roman Holiday"
And guess what, her passion was never acting, she actually thought she was horrible at it and would constantly ask for direction and help.
Her real dream and passion was to be a mother and have a family.
How awesome is that?

In the time of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey was 'out of the box' cute and different. She was breaking the mold.
Her face was different, she didn't have perfect teeth, and she had size 10 feet on that little body of hers. 
And yet, she has become an icon. 
{Breakfast at Tiffanys, the movie was so scandalous at the time}

One of my favorite stories about her that I read out of the book "Fifth Avenue, 5am" by Sam Wasson, was the tale of her classic style. {Got this book at Target for 10 bucks!}

When filming Sabrina {with Humphrey Bogart&William Holden}, they were in need of fashion forward Parisian styled clothing. The seamstress for the movie wanted to make something, but the producers insisted on true Parisian clothing.
So they gave Audrey money to spend on clothes in Paris. She was in search of a designer in Paris and ran into Hubert de Givenchy and insisted that he let her try on some of his designs. 
He was hesitant because she was gangly, thin, and had big shoulders and feet. He didn't think that his clothing would look good on a body like hers. 

After the first black dress he tried on, he was sold.
He made a few alterations and tailored the dress to her body. Instead of trying to force a popular style of dress onto a not so popular body type at the time. 
{My Fair Lady}

Audrey and Givenchy worked together to form what is now known as Audrey Hepburn's classic look.
Every movie after Sabrina, she had written specifically in her contract that only Hubert de Givenchy could dress her. 
Pretty cool, huh? 

I have had an admiration for her for as long as I can remember, she was such an awesome woman and idol, and continues to influence our world today :)  
 {May 1929-January 1993}
{Holly Golightly costume found on Pinterest. CUTE!}

<3 BRI

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Audrey did her last movie in Libby, Mt.
Did Ryan meet her?