Breezy Days: The Holiday Feeling


November 20, 2011

The Holiday Feeling

 The snow is starting to stay on the ground so now it's time for Christmas decor. 
I'm not forgetting Thanksgiving!!! But it's not like I have Pilgrim decorations or turkeys.
Can't wait for the delicccccoius food this week and to see family! 
{Putting away Halloween}
{Got these bulbs for cheap in the $1 section at Target!}
{Peppermint candy lights. Target is awesome.}
Time for hot chocolate, Elf, cuddling, and the Frank Sinatra Christmas Pandora Station, obnoxious sweaters, red dresses, glitzy heels, fun jewelry, family and friend gatherings, presents, snow, ice skating, snowmen, the claymation Christmas movies, and Christmas goodies.

I love love love the holiday feeling :) 
<3 Bri

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