Breezy Days: The Duthries


November 16, 2011

The Duthries

{Mckenna, Kelli, Mike, & Brinley...btw I made the headbands for Kenna and Brin shown here :) }

Yet another thing I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season..
Awesome possum landlords. 
Here's the story.

When Ryan and I were first engaged, he ran into some friends from back home {Libby, Montana}, who invited us over for a Sunday dessert to hang out, and to meet Ryan's new lady. I was really nervous meeting them, cause they were some of the first people from his hometown that I would meet. And on top of it, after we had be there for a while I soon realized that I had been sweating profusely in a chambray shirt and it totally showed. Lovely. 
Besides the point though...
We had a way fun time talking and while they were showing us around the house, we happened upon the basement apartment...when they mentioned that the couple currently living there was leaving in a few months to move back east.
This was a miracle because Ryan and I had been looking at places to live and couldn't find anything decent in Provo. Where everything was overpriced for how midget-size it was. We hurriedly asked:

"Can we move in?!?!" 
And now we have the bestest landlords who have become some of our bestest friends. Late night hot chocolate frother discussions, picking apples in the backyard, and playing with the girls: Brinley & Mckenna :)
Love you guys :)

<3 Bri


Unknown said...

i LOVE the girls' headpieces!!! SO cute


Unknown said...

Thanks! Kelli gave me the color scheme and I went to town :)

Kelli Duthrie said...

Oh my goodness! How did I miss this post?! You are too sweet! Well, I feel pretty famous being on your blog and really lame for not seeing it until now! haha We love you guys! And I love reading your blog! :)