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November 29, 2011

The Bookish Type

I know I know. You've missed me. 
It's been vacation! Finally a break from all the school/life stresses. A good recharge of my life battery.
Ryan & I headed down with Ev to St. George to meet up with the 'rents and Jess.

So relaxing. So fun. And it was great to be around family again!
I was absolutely HORRIBLE at taking pictures cause, not gonna lie.
I was having too much fun.
Plus boys don't like getting their pic taken that much.
Surprising, right?

Sweater: Loft. Tank: F21. Skirt: Anthropologie. Boots: Rocket Dog. Necklace: Francescas. 

These pictures are from a while ago {I know I'm lame sauce}
Taken in one of my favorite places.
I'm an epic nerd.
I love reading. 

I absolutely love the smell of new books, Starbucks, and the perfect temperature and lighting in Barnes and Noble.
And ONLY Barnes and Noble.
I hate Borders. The feng shui in there is horrible. Don't ever take me there.

Only two more weeks left of actually classes, then finals. Then back to Cali for the holidays!!!
Hope you all had an awesome break and coming soon...cute outfit posts and
Can't wait!

<3 Bri

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