Breezy Days: Bean There, Done That


November 21, 2011

Bean There, Done That

Being the typical newlywed, Ryan and I are always on the lookout for new recipes and concoctions that we can do on the cheap.
This bag of beans from Costco cost around $20, and even with just the first batch we are already starting to get our moneys worth! 
1. Put the amount of beans you want to make in a glass pan so you can see most of the beans at once
2. Sort out and throw away any beans with imperfections {shriveled up, weird color, etc.}
3. Put the beans in a colander and wash beans until there is no more dirty water coming out the colander
4. Soak the beans. Put your beans in a big bowl and put triple the amount of warm water in the bowl
 {3 cups of beans=9 cups of warm water; 4 cups of beans=12 cups of warm water}
5. Put a cover on the bowl and let them soak for 6-12 hours 
{the more the better, leave them soaking overnight/all day if you can}
6. Drain out the beans with the colander, and now you are ready to start cooking! 

1. Put beans in the crockpot and cover with water. 
2. Add pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and chili powder all for taste 
{this you can mix and match and put in what you think will taste good}
3. Put on high for 6-8 hours at least, or low for overnight
{These babies aren't done until they are nice and soft}

Now you're ready to make something delicious for cheap! 
Burritos, refried beans, dip, tacos, as a side dish. 
This batch of 4 cups=$1.25
{And the 4 cups fills the whole crockpot, a TRUCKLOAD of beans!}

<3 Bri

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