Breezy Days: Those 70s Jeans


November 17, 2011

Those 70s Jeans

You know those jeans that you keep forever and ever cause you can't bear to give them away? Knowing that one day you will be able to fit in them again, and you are determined to keep them until that day comes.
That's what these jeans represent. My dark wash, 70s flare jeans from the Francescas sale rack. Not only were they a total steal, but I fit perfectly into them when I was at my lowest weight in high school. Like any girls weight, mine fluctuates when life and stress gets in the way. I'm all about being healthy, exercising regularly, and not being obsessed with a size. 
{Thanks to my mom for instilling this way of thinking into my noggin all growing up}

As long as it fits nicely, looks classy, and shows off your style. 
Who the crap cares what the number on the tag is? Half the time it isn't even your real size, cause companies have this thing called a "vanity size", to make women feel better/worse about themselves depending on the size. 
How's that for mind boggling?
So today I decided to be adventurous and slap them on. Can I say they fit beautifully?
What an ego boost.
Top: American Eagle. Sweater: Gift from Sam :). Jeans: Francescas. Flats: Urban Outfitters. Earrings: vintage. 

If I were to take one thing to a deserted island from my wardrobe...I would, without a doubt, choose my snakeskin flats. I seriously wear them with everything. Treat them as a neutral, not a vocal point, and you are golden. I've had at least one pair of snakeskin flats for about 4-5 years, once they wear out I'm on the hunt for a new pair! These ones took a while to break it but they were completely worth every blister. {And worth the 10 bucks I paid for em. Score!}

{Funny you-tube vids that Ryan wanted to share}
All byu students, do you know who this is?!

Absolutely hysterical. Ryan was in tears.

And for those who read my last post about fear.
 My fear of reffing? 
I conquered it tonight. I was the BOMB. If I do say so myself.
That is all :)

<3 BRI

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