Breezy Days: May 2014


May 30, 2014

Friday's Letters

// Dear Yellow Brick House, I love being able to throw parties in the backyard now that it's staring to warm up! I can't wait to get my fire pit for the Fourth so I can hang around the fire and talk with my favorite people aaaand spend the whole next day smelling like a bonfire. Because bonfires are probably one of my most favorite things to do of all time :D

// Dear American Eagle, why do you have the bestest deals ever? I just picked up two for t-shirts {that I probably don't need} for a grand total of $9.60. Score! 

// Dear Provo Food Truck Roundup, we visited you for the first time and boy were you busy! We narfed on some Sweet Burrito and Art City Donuts, which was so dang good. I wanted to try the Corndog Commander truck, but I guess that'll be for next time! Make sure to hit it up, the Food Truck Roundup is every Thursday from 5-9pm by The Startup Building in downtown Provo.

// Dear Southern California, I'm gonna come visit you next week! Jesse's high school graduation, girls week with my mom {i.e. beach trip, spa day, shopping, hanging by the pool}, and then driving back up to Provo with Jesse for his first day at BYU. Crazy how the time flies by!

// Dear Grey's Anatomy, I'm seriously addicted. My BFF Alexa has been razzing me for a while to start the show. It's only been a few days and I'm already on season 2. No life, much? By the way...Dr. McDreamy is very attractive, if you didn't already know that :)

May 27, 2014

Our Backyard Memorial Day

Ryan and I decided last minute that we wanted to host a BBQ, because he had most of the weekend off and we were in the mood for some good grub. We grocery shopped, mowed the lawn, and cooked food all day Monday preparing for friends to come over. Even though it was a ton of work {some of it unnecessary and self-inflicted...does everything really need to taste good and look cute??}, I just love bringing my friends together and enjoying their company. It is such a treat for me!

Ryan made amazing ribs while I made baked brown sugar chicken wings with roasted red pepper dipping sauce, 7-up punch, and fruit salad. Our friends brought over chip/dip, potato salad, and drink sides...I'm still stuffed! We made a short trip to the outlets then came back before the sun went down and made our grill into a make-shift fire pit to roast s'mores. I am grateful for the service that is given for our country to make days like this possible :) 

May 24, 2014

Adventures With Elder Evs: Fiery Tabasco Heat

Evan only has 9 and a half months until he is back here in the good ole USA. The time has flown by! We talked to him on Mothers Day and he could barely speak English, which is a good sign because that means he is immersed in the Spanish language. Which also means I need to get crackin' on mine...eek!

"Get this. Patricia has been attending church for almost 7 years before we came. It was at this moment, that we helped her see the importance of baptism, and took the decision to be baptized."

He transferred from Agua Dulce to his new area Cunduacan, Tabasco during the hottest month of the year. Meaning that all the pictures we are sent features Elder Grossman with a constant red sunburnt face, no matter how much sunscreen he puts on! He is currently training his new companion Elder Ortiz and is also teaching him some English. They are teaching the non-member parts of families in the ward and baptizing them. They are having some awesome success in Cunduacan despite the crazy heat!

"Sooo our toilet got clogged, and we used a Mexican invention to unclog. You're not going to believe what we did. Note: broomstick + empty bottle of clorox = toilet plunger."

"The four missionaries of the ward sang in the ward talent show for Mother's Day here in Mexico. We sang "He Sent His Son" and "El Cristo Es" This is the Christ. Then I did a solo singing "Mother, I Love You," too bad I can't send the videos I have in my emails. Just want to let you know mom, Happy Mothers Day!" 

Finally, Evan's story of a cute little guitarist at the ward talent show: "Ponchito, el guitarist little poncho the guitarist. This is the son of the ward mission leader in our ward. He sang for a minute, but I recorded it all. It's freaking hilarious, he sang: 

'Y tu te vas, y yo me voy...and you're going, and I'm going

He repeated that phrase for a minute, and then ended:

'Y tu te vas y yo me voy, y se queda, con los perros and you're going, and I'm going, with the dogs' Ahhh it was hilarious! Wish I could send the video!"

May 23, 2014

A Girly Pool Day

I am all about bright and feminine pieces because wearing them makes me feel so happy! This is a casual yet fun swim outfit, perfect for a pool day then some Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Yummmm :) You better know by now that I'm all about moisturizing and protecting your skin, so make sure you snag some sunscreen before you head to the pool/beach! Happy Friday!

May 22, 2014

Le Tote's Summer Essentials Giveaway

I'm sure I've made it epically clear that I LOVE summer! Actually, I'm heading back home to California for a couple weeks to soak up the sun at Newport Beach, the spa, and Disneyland. I can't wait, woot woot! I'm even more excited to share with you this Le Tote Summer Essentials giveaway!

These are all pictures from Le Tote's Spring Lookbook and how adorable are they?? Le Tote mails you a curated tote of pieces that fit your style and you get to try them on in the comfort of your own home. If you like something, then keep it! If not, then send it back and pick out pieces for your next months tote :) 

Le Tote is offering up a 6 month membership, Salt Swimwear is giving away a free swimsuit, and California Naturel is giving away a skincare package! Only the perfect components to a perfect summer giveaway! You have until June 5th to enter this giveaway, good luck! 
*For US residents only*

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May 21, 2014

Livin' It Up

I've been enjoying my summer vacation so far! Now that it's starting to warm up, I'm itching to get my fire pit to so I can start hosting bonfire/movie night/BBQs at mi casa. I just love gathering all my favorite people and enjoying their company, plus hosting an adorable party is always fun ;) Ps, that necklace in the picture was a whopping $3 from the Ruby Bloom warehouse sale this past Saturday. So of course I had to buy 3 of them...

I finally got my diploma in the mail, which made it all the more real that I'm done with school. No more buying ridiculously priced books from the bookstore, no more begging teachers to fit me in their classes during the first week of school, and no more worrying about grades! Though, I am a glutton for punishment and have given grad school some thought. I wouldn't be able to apply until next year, so it gives me some time to think if I want to torture myself :)

Ryan & I's 3 year anniversary is only in 2 weeks, where did the time go?! We are heading to Sacramento at the end of the June for a friends wedding so we decided to make a mini anniversary vacation out of it and hit up San Francisco for a few days. I'm so stoked! I'm also heading down to California for my brother Jesses' high school graduation then spending a girls week with my mom, where we are gonna party it up! It's gonna be one jam-packed month of fun :)

May 18, 2014

Summer Dreaming

Summer Wishlist

Summer is just right around the corner, and I'm already ahead of the curve by pulling out all my shorts/sandals and putting away all those boots and leggings! Sheinside has some cute and affordable clothes that would make a great addition to your summer wardrobe. I mean c'mon, isn't the lace blouse and floral tank to die for?!

May 16, 2014

Comfy With a Slight Breeze

It's starting to warm up around here, but even with a slight breeze I couldn't wait to bust out my shorts and sandals! I picked up these boyfriend shorts from Loft years ago before the style was super popular, so I'm glad I've kept them around! I'm excited it's finally Friday because that means relaxing with Ryan and possibly stuffing my face with pan dulce and Mexican hot chocolate ;)

Happy weekend! 

May 13, 2014

California Bear

I was born and raised in California, and I'm sure proud of it! Growing up there really made a difference in who I am today; I don't take anyones guff, am an aggressive driver,  love sarcasm and making random conversations with strangers, live for the sun's warmth on my skin, and could live in sandals year round!

I'm also proud of being a bargain hunter. I bought this CA bear shirt with a gift card from Soel Boutique, these shorts are from American Eagle with 20% off, and the sandals were a steal at TJMaxx. I love good quality for a low price, which is why I love sites like where I can search for coupons before I go shopping! No fail, every time I indulge in some late night online shopping I google discount codes before pressing the "Submit Order" button. Saving that extra few dollars makes a difference in the long run! :)

May 12, 2014

Leopard Spots + Bows

I featured this dress in a Currently Drooling post a while back, so when I visited Anthropologie and saw the leopard print sleeve peeking out of the sale rack...I snatched it up. Even though it was a size too big, with tailoring costs the dress was only a fraction of the original price.  Plus I was in the store when they were offering an additional 15% off of sale prices, which NEVER happens. 

I walked out of the store with this dress being a whopping $17! I had the tailor take in the sides a bit, but left a little room seeing as how it's a sweater dress. The alterations only came out to be $20...meaning the dress was only $37. Nothing like the thrill of a good bargain find :) 

{Shoedazzle Wedges // Necklace c/o Sammydress // Emma Ring c/o Zocorra}

May 9, 2014

Mothers Day + Zocorra Ring Giveaway {CLOSED}

Mothers Day is coming up, and all mom's deserve the best! I know my mom sure does :)  Zocorra is the perfect place to snag your mom up a little glitzy something last second that'll make her feel special. Especially since Zocorra has some awesome Mothers Day deals going on right now!

mothers50 for $50 off of anything and free shipping
mothers15 for 15% off of anything and free shipping

I picked out the Emma Peridot Zocorra Ring and have been wearing it with everything! So pretty yet elegant and simple, which makes it a classic in my book. You can win one of your own by entering down below! You have until 5/22 at midnight, good luck & happy weekend :)

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May 8, 2014

Wearing Less +$50 InPink Giveaway {CLOSED}

The closer it gets to warmer weather...the less I like to wear. Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about jewelry here!! ;) I love and gravitate towards delicate, interesting, yet beautiful pieces that I can wear with everything. InPink has an amazing collection of both delicate and statement pieces that are totally affordable! 

The earrings and necklace I picked out are lightweight and go with all of my spring and summer looks. I've been wearing this necklace layered with other gold delicate necklaces, which makes me feel like a summer bohemian goddess :)

Because InPink loves you just as much as I do, they are offering one of my readers a $50 gift card! You know what's better? Every one of my readers who enters in this giveaway wins a $20 credit to InPink. Um, how AWESOME is that?! This giveaway runs until 5/22 at midnight, good luck!

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May 7, 2014


I will never get enough of this American Eagle denim jacket! I snagged it a few years back and it's been a steady piece in my rotation ever since. Plus coral and mint aren't going out of spring style anytime soon, not like that's a surprise. I love how magazines announce the "new" trends every season, and I'm like "Oh, I've been wearing that 'trend' for like 3 years now haha psych!" Floral for spring? Groundbreaking ;)

{Undershirt c/o ModBod}