Breezy Days: Adventures With Elder Evs: Fiery Tabasco Heat


May 24, 2014

Adventures With Elder Evs: Fiery Tabasco Heat

Evan only has 9 and a half months until he is back here in the good ole USA. The time has flown by! We talked to him on Mothers Day and he could barely speak English, which is a good sign because that means he is immersed in the Spanish language. Which also means I need to get crackin' on mine...eek!

"Get this. Patricia has been attending church for almost 7 years before we came. It was at this moment, that we helped her see the importance of baptism, and took the decision to be baptized."

He transferred from Agua Dulce to his new area Cunduacan, Tabasco during the hottest month of the year. Meaning that all the pictures we are sent features Elder Grossman with a constant red sunburnt face, no matter how much sunscreen he puts on! He is currently training his new companion Elder Ortiz and is also teaching him some English. They are teaching the non-member parts of families in the ward and baptizing them. They are having some awesome success in Cunduacan despite the crazy heat!

"Sooo our toilet got clogged, and we used a Mexican invention to unclog. You're not going to believe what we did. Note: broomstick + empty bottle of clorox = toilet plunger."

"The four missionaries of the ward sang in the ward talent show for Mother's Day here in Mexico. We sang "He Sent His Son" and "El Cristo Es" This is the Christ. Then I did a solo singing "Mother, I Love You," too bad I can't send the videos I have in my emails. Just want to let you know mom, Happy Mothers Day!" 

Finally, Evan's story of a cute little guitarist at the ward talent show: "Ponchito, el guitarist little poncho the guitarist. This is the son of the ward mission leader in our ward. He sang for a minute, but I recorded it all. It's freaking hilarious, he sang: 

'Y tu te vas, y yo me voy...and you're going, and I'm going

He repeated that phrase for a minute, and then ended:

'Y tu te vas y yo me voy, y se queda, con los perros and you're going, and I'm going, with the dogs' Ahhh it was hilarious! Wish I could send the video!"

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Yulissa said...

Amazing!! Glad you share this with us! I am a member of the Church from Puerto Rico.

Sequins and Tullet