Breezy Days: Livin' It Up


May 21, 2014

Livin' It Up

I've been enjoying my summer vacation so far! Now that it's starting to warm up, I'm itching to get my fire pit to so I can start hosting bonfire/movie night/BBQs at mi casa. I just love gathering all my favorite people and enjoying their company, plus hosting an adorable party is always fun ;) Ps, that necklace in the picture was a whopping $3 from the Ruby Bloom warehouse sale this past Saturday. So of course I had to buy 3 of them...

I finally got my diploma in the mail, which made it all the more real that I'm done with school. No more buying ridiculously priced books from the bookstore, no more begging teachers to fit me in their classes during the first week of school, and no more worrying about grades! Though, I am a glutton for punishment and have given grad school some thought. I wouldn't be able to apply until next year, so it gives me some time to think if I want to torture myself :)

Ryan & I's 3 year anniversary is only in 2 weeks, where did the time go?! We are heading to Sacramento at the end of the June for a friends wedding so we decided to make a mini anniversary vacation out of it and hit up San Francisco for a few days. I'm so stoked! I'm also heading down to California for my brother Jesses' high school graduation then spending a girls week with my mom, where we are gonna party it up! It's gonna be one jam-packed month of fun :)

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Pink and Green Mom said...

Congrats on graduating and getting your diploma! My mom and brother both went to BYU :)