Breezy Days: April 2013


April 28, 2013

Landed Safely

We made it here safe and sound! We got to our apartment here in Corona and I was pleasantly surprised with the awesome pool, picnic area, laundry building, and gym that is in our complex. Plus when I saw that we were in a good part of Corona {cause trust me there are lotttsss of scary parts}, I was able to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief! {Hooray for no homeless people and gangsters hanging out on our front porch}. It was a long 10 hour drive after massive cleaning and packing in our Provo home, but as soon as we drove into SoCal we met up with my parents and they treated us to a delicious dinner.
Tri-tip and mac&cheese. Yummmmm. 
I am honestly so excited to be here. It's supposed to be 85 degrees this week and I am STOKED to have an excuse to break out my new swimsuit and use the pool. Also being near my family ain't too shabby! Once we get settled in I can't wait to meet up with friends, start my internship, and soak in the sun. All this happiness helps to overshadow the fact that I'm kinda bummed about not graduating at the same time as all of my freshmen peers. Seriously, looking at Facebook and Instagram has become upsetting! I have to remind myself that I will be done with on campus classes this Fall, so I guess I shouldn't be that bummed out...but still. I'm sure I'll get over it with all my trips to the beach and Disneyland :)
Anywho, I just wanted to drop in and say thanks to everyone who texted/tweeted/called to make sure we got here in one piece, sure does make us feel loved! I'm soooo excited to share my summer adventures with all of you. Especially since I have a more-than-willing photographer to document my summer style {thanks mom} and we are in my hometown near the beach, D-land, the best shopping ever, and all my amigos!  

April 24, 2013

California Love

{Initial necklace, a gift from Ryan}

Finals are done, and it's that weekend. You know, the one where we finally move to California for the summer for Ryan's job and my internship. I'm twitterpated with such overwhelming excitement! I don't even know why I'm sitting here on the couch watching Hart of Dixie {only because I LOVE Rachel Bilson} and reading blogs because I should definitely be running around like a madwoman cleaning up the house and starting to pack. But after such a crazy long day yesterday, I almost feel justified sitting on the couch to be a potato for a little while.

We went up to Salt Lake where I got my skin checked {2 years cancer free!} and after the devastation of my iPhone breaking this past weekend I was able to get it replaced for free. Which definitely saved me a lot of stress, time, and money! Then we wrapped up the day by dropping by our friends place to say goodbye, only to be invited to stay for dinner where they totally doted on us with a delicious Spanish dinner and made-from-scratch brownies {which Ben whipped up when he heard we were coming over}. It makes me so grateful to have such awesome and caring friends!!
Well, I'm playing the procrastination game pretty well and now have to get some work done in the house. I'll see you on the other side my friends :)

April 21, 2013

No Good, Very Bad Day

Welcome to my home! 
We finally have some blooms poppin' up in the front yard with it being sunny outside and I just couldn't be happier. Much needed after such a rough weekend...oh, let me tell you allll about it. For Geology extra credit I did a hike in the rain {it was miserably cold & the wind didn't help any}, my poor iPhone face planted on the cement during a group date so now the backlight is messed up, when trying to put a new car deck in the Jetta it took hours for Best Buy to ring us up then finally install it {other than that, it's freaking awesome}, and I've been stressing about everything that still needs to be taken care of before we leave for the summer. Isn't it funny how everything obnoxious just seems to happen at once? 

Saturday was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! {If anyone knows the reference, I applaud you!} After a much needed stress-cry, Ryan gave me lots of hugs then we picked up McChickens & apple pies on the way home and I watched Teen Mom for a good hour or two. Reality tv shows always seem to pick up my spirits, maybe because it's such mindless entertainment? Also cheap-y fast food always helps in these kinds of situations. Now I'm up and roarin' again and can't wait to conquer the week! I just keep reminding myself that it's only one more week. One more week people.

The Story of Us: Airport Scene {Part 15}

After I got off the phone with him, on the night that he tells me he loves me...I was completely shaken.
Is this real? It can't be. Am I ready for this?

It's planned that on January 2, 2011 he is to pick me up from the Salt Lake City airport.
I tell him which luggage carousel to find me at, I walk off the plane and scan the crowd for him...
 anddd there is no love-y dove-y romantic embrace.
Probably because he was at the wrong carousel and more specifically, he wasn't even in the same building as I was. Oops. That just dashed my romantic fantasy! 

As I'm waiting for my luggage to come around the carousel, and for Ryan to find mind starts to race and I begin to feel overwhelmed even little stressed.

He finally finds me at the right carousel, and then grabs my waist and pulls me in for a sweet kiss.
Cue the awkwardness. What the heck is going on with me?

We had this big momentous turn in our relationship {granted, over the phone}, and I didn't even know what to say now that I've seen him in person. Actually, I just didn't even feel like talking at all.

He loads my luggage into the car and we ride back to Provo, practically in silence the whole way home. For anyone who knows me...that's a little odd.
You could say it's even worrisome that I'm not jibber-jabbering the whole hour back.

I wasn't afraid or upset, just completely absorbed with all of my thoughts and feelings.
So engulfed, in fact, that I couldn't manage to choke out anything to say to the guy that would most likely be mine for the rest of my life. I was in the midst of sorting out my feelings and figuring where our relationship was going to go from there. Is the thought of marriage really that far off?
And of course the ever-looming I ready?

Not the romantic "meeting at the airport scene" you were thinking was gonna happen, huh?

April 15, 2013

Rockin' Sunday

This morning for my World Music Cultures class I attended a different church service from my own and wrote a short report on the instruments used and vocal styles implemented. I chose to check out a Christian church here in Provo with lots of guitars, a set of drums, an electric keyboard, and some rockin' pop gospel singing. Everyone was up out of their seats singing along to the lyrics & clapping, lots of loud fun! It was not something that I'm used to, but I could definitely appreciate the talent & skill that comes with such an engaging performance. Suffice it to say I was grateful to hit up my own church service where the music was a little quieter haha! I hope regardless of where you were at, either rockin' out to a gospel guitar solo or quietly singing along to hymns that you had a great Sunday :)

April 13, 2013

Bijou Market

This morning I met up with Deidre from Love, The Skinnys at the Bijou Market so we could peruse around at all the fun & cute stuff before the massive crowds got there!
It was my first time going and I loved the atmosphere, the unique items for sale, and all the handmade goodies. We ran into Kelsey from Kelsey Bang and Jenny from Plane Pretty and chit chatted for a while, I always love seeing a familiar face! They are honestly the sweetest girls EVER.
 Once it hit about 11-11:30 it got MEGA crowded so we bounced and grabbed ourselves some sustenance at the always-delicious Zupas.
I seriously had a blast commenting on all the stuff at Bijou Market, checking out what jewelry we were gonna get, and having a girls lunch with Deidre...she's such a down to earth girl!
{Kelsey Bang's booth}
I made off like a bandit with some freaking legit jams & these adorable teeny-tiny heart earrings.
I spent the evening being productive with my best friend Grant, we finished up our Communications final {that class is now officially OVER with} and the husband made brownies while we slaved over our work {cue the awwws}, we promptly scarfed that chocolate-y goodness down, then I submitted the application for my internship this summer.
An awesome night indeed. Woot woot!!!
Now it's time for a bubble bath with the new book I just picked up, "The Fault In Our Stars".
I've been wanting to read something non-school related for a while and have heard good things about this book.
Once my favorite english teacher reviewed it, I just knew I had to pick it up! Thanks Bon!

April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Sun,
You have finally made an appearance!
It just makes me more excited for summertime :D

Dear Professors,
Why in the world would you schedule another test right before finals week?
So cruel.
Plus loading us with final projects all at the same time?
Not cool.

Dear All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi,
I feel like a balloon.
I always make the mistake of starving myself all day then stuffing myself with delicious sushi. 
Then I later seriously regret it. 
Never mind, I take that back, I still enjoyed stuffing my face.

Dear Blogging World,
I really don't understand the smack talking of other bloggers, if you don't like someone or their blog...the beautiful thing about the internet is that absolutely no one is forcing you to follow them.
Unfollow, then move on with your life and follow only the people you want to. Easy as that!
Now let's just visit this awesome Bloggers Anonymous site & spread the love!

Happy Friday :)


April 10, 2013

The Story of Us: Moment of Truth {Part 14}

Ok, it's been a loooong while since I have updated on the story.
Maybe about 6 months...blame it on Ryan!
And I know you all have been twiddling your thumbs wondering what happens next.
If you aren't up to date?
Head on over to the "Story of Us" page.
{Hanging with friends in January of 2012}

so I think we left off where I straight out tell Ryan that I LOVE HIM, 
and he just needs to accept the fact that he loves me too.

For Christmas break of 2010 we went our own ways.
I flew back home to California and Ryan went to Montana.

I was still telling myself that I wasn't gonna be that dumb BYU girl to get married at 19.
I was still telling my family that he was just 'a friend' and we were 'just dating'.
Whatta joke.

My mom started asking what kind of "dresses" and "rings" I would want...
well mom, I don't know how to answer you cause I'm not exactly planning on getting married anytime soon. I was obviously still delusional.

Ryan and I texted, skyped, and called each other incessantly.
This is probably cliche {ok, it is}...but I felt like a part of me was missing.
My partner in crime.
I apparently was moping around the house with a frown on my face because it got so bad that my parents offered to fly me up to Montana to be with him for a few days.

Up to this point, I was the first one to say 'I love you'.
I was wondering when he was going to reciprocate...
{I'm not a very patient person}

He refused to say it during our time apart.
Why can't you just SPIT IT OUT.

One night, as I'm sitting in my childhood bedroom, getting ready for sleep and talking to my boyfriend on the phone at 1 in the morning....I caught him a little off guard and he spilled the beans.

"I know I haven't said this to you but I do love you. Brianna, I know life is hard sometimes. It is not alway fair either, but when I am with you everything bad about this life melts away. While I was a missionary I reminded myself daily that I was facing hardships so I could be blessed ten-fold if I was faithful. Little did I know just what a ten-fold blessing would be like. You were worth it. You are kind, beautiful, strong, and my example in so many ways. You are the most important peerson to me and will be forever. Your family has done an excellent job loving and caring for you...and now I want to.
I love you Bri."

I, of course, started crying.
I was elated, ecstatic, butterfly-filled to the brim!
It felt surreal, like this shouldn't be happening to me.
Am I really falling in love?
Is this gonna go to the next step?
Is this too soon?

Stay tuned for when I finally see him in person, after he finally played the 'I love you' card
over the phone :)

April 9, 2013


First off, my last shift at Francesca's was this past Saturday.
Not gonna lie, I have very mixed feelings about it.
I was sad to leave because I've enjoyed all the girls I work with there, I love talking with customers, and it has pretty much been my 2nd home for the past year. 
It seems almost surreal that I wouldn't be back to organize jewelry, fold clothes, vacuum at closing, or talk to customers this week. 
On the other hand though, I'm excited to move on to something new & different.

School is wrapping up and the last day of school is the 18th, it seems so close and yet so far away.
I'm only two more group projects, one essay, one presentation, and two more concert reports away from being completely DONE with Winter semester 2013! 

Ryan and I move to Corona, CA for the summer the last week of April.
He will be selling pest control all day every day to make us some sweet moolah.
I'll be working for my dad's dental office, completing 2 online classes, and doing my internship!

I got an internship writing articles for the National Healthy Marriage Institute blog this summer.
It's all online, the hours are flexible, it's blogging {how cool!}, and I get to use everything I've learned with my Family Studies major. 
How perfect is that?!
I'm excited to share with you guys the articles I write this summer :)

What I'm most excited for is:
+ being that much closer to graduating with my Family Studies degree & Music minor {Dec 2013!}
+ being close to my friends & family for the summer
+ the flexibility of my internship & job 
+ our 2 year anniversary {aka mini vacation}
+ being in a place that is familiar, and being in the sun because it makes me happy!
+ for Ryan to get his braces off at the end of summer {he is so stoked}
+ disneyland & the beach
+ the bruno mars concert that we are planning on goin' to
+ the low-key, fun & productive summer that our 'lil family will have :)

April 8, 2013

A Spring Fashion Show

I attended the Fashion Place Mall Fashion Show this last weekend and had a complete BLAST.
I picked up Rachel & Kyla and we carpooled our way up to Murray in lovely Utah traffic.
When we finally made it, I felt like we were at a family reunion,
I was so excited to see all my favorite Utah bloggers :D
We got a tote bag with some fun goodies inside {make-up samples and a Sephora gift card!}, a cool VIP pass {I felt legit & official}, and we sat at the edge of the runway to watch all the shows.
I loved the ballroom dancers who did a mini-performance on the runway in between shows, how cool!!
{Sarah, Ana, Rachel, and me!}

I was cracking up at how us funny bloggers are, as a massive group we seriously sat and took a BAZILLION pictures for each of our blogs & Instagram accounts. Soooo typical ;)
It is always so funny to meet bloggers you follow in person, I met Sasha for the first time the other night, gave her a huge hug and said hi...then when I started talking to her I accidentally went to introduce myself {my natural instinct when meeting someone in person for the first time} when I realized...oh ya, we already know each other! Totally felt like a dweeb! 
Ohhh the blog world!
{Ana, Kyla, Katie, Me, Rachel}

My favorite parts of the night were: hanging out with my blogger girls {look at the pic above for the most choice Utah bloggers}, hitting up Sephora debating on what to spend our gift cards on, scarfing Chick-fil-a, way fun girl talk, getting a Fossil charm for my bracelet {the blue vespa!}, and getting my first ever Lush bath bomb! 
My face still hurt when I got home from all the smiling & laughing throughout the night!
It took alllll my might to take pictures of the night's outfit before ripping off my shoes and hopping into my sweats. So glad I wore some comfy jeans & a flowy top to account for my chick-fil-a feast.
Thanks to all the girls who made it such a fun night!

April 4, 2013

Easter Sunday With Friends

I missed my little brother, Evan, this Easter because he isn't here like last year, but I wrote him a letter & made his favorite fruit salad in honor of him!
Ryan and I couldn't wait to open up our Easter baskets that the bunny brought for us, so we opened them at midnight on Easter!
{The "bunny" being me at Target the week of Easter, totally original!}

Sunday we were invited to head over to our friend's place for a potluck and Easter egg dyeing. 
The food was absolutely delectable and the company was so entertaining! 
We shrink wrapped sports wrappers on the eggs, and the guys got a kick out of that.
Cheap entertainment.

Now get ready for a complete photo dump, my mom will most appreciate this because she usually drags all of these to her desktop and saves them to the computer.
Then when I visit home I'm like "how the heck did you get all these pictures?!"
She totally Facebook, blog, and Insta-stalks me :)

Hooray for friends, sunny Sunday's, delish food, and Easter basket goodies!
Happy Thursday, it's almost the weekend!