Breezy Days: The Story of Us: Moment of Truth {Part 14}


April 10, 2013

The Story of Us: Moment of Truth {Part 14}

Ok, it's been a loooong while since I have updated on the story.
Maybe about 6 months...blame it on Ryan!
And I know you all have been twiddling your thumbs wondering what happens next.
If you aren't up to date?
Head on over to the "Story of Us" page.
{Hanging with friends in January of 2012}

so I think we left off where I straight out tell Ryan that I LOVE HIM, 
and he just needs to accept the fact that he loves me too.

For Christmas break of 2010 we went our own ways.
I flew back home to California and Ryan went to Montana.

I was still telling myself that I wasn't gonna be that dumb BYU girl to get married at 19.
I was still telling my family that he was just 'a friend' and we were 'just dating'.
Whatta joke.

My mom started asking what kind of "dresses" and "rings" I would want...
well mom, I don't know how to answer you cause I'm not exactly planning on getting married anytime soon. I was obviously still delusional.

Ryan and I texted, skyped, and called each other incessantly.
This is probably cliche {ok, it is}...but I felt like a part of me was missing.
My partner in crime.
I apparently was moping around the house with a frown on my face because it got so bad that my parents offered to fly me up to Montana to be with him for a few days.

Up to this point, I was the first one to say 'I love you'.
I was wondering when he was going to reciprocate...
{I'm not a very patient person}

He refused to say it during our time apart.
Why can't you just SPIT IT OUT.

One night, as I'm sitting in my childhood bedroom, getting ready for sleep and talking to my boyfriend on the phone at 1 in the morning....I caught him a little off guard and he spilled the beans.

"I know I haven't said this to you but I do love you. Brianna, I know life is hard sometimes. It is not alway fair either, but when I am with you everything bad about this life melts away. While I was a missionary I reminded myself daily that I was facing hardships so I could be blessed ten-fold if I was faithful. Little did I know just what a ten-fold blessing would be like. You were worth it. You are kind, beautiful, strong, and my example in so many ways. You are the most important peerson to me and will be forever. Your family has done an excellent job loving and caring for you...and now I want to.
I love you Bri."

I, of course, started crying.
I was elated, ecstatic, butterfly-filled to the brim!
It felt surreal, like this shouldn't be happening to me.
Am I really falling in love?
Is this gonna go to the next step?
Is this too soon?

Stay tuned for when I finally see him in person, after he finally played the 'I love you' card
over the phone :)


Allyson Grace said...

I said it first too, and when Charley said it back it was GLORIOUS. I love how you remember what Ryan said word-for-word though. That is so special!

Halie Renee said...

I also told my fiance first, and it took him a couple more weeks to finally say it back. And when he did, it was such a wonderful feeling! And I cried and freaked out, and made him kept telling me again because I didn't want to stop hearing it now that he had finally said it!

And that little schpiel on the phone is seriously the cutest and sweetest thing ever. So precious :)