Breezy Days: No Good, Very Bad Day


April 21, 2013

No Good, Very Bad Day

Welcome to my home! 
We finally have some blooms poppin' up in the front yard with it being sunny outside and I just couldn't be happier. Much needed after such a rough weekend...oh, let me tell you allll about it. For Geology extra credit I did a hike in the rain {it was miserably cold & the wind didn't help any}, my poor iPhone face planted on the cement during a group date so now the backlight is messed up, when trying to put a new car deck in the Jetta it took hours for Best Buy to ring us up then finally install it {other than that, it's freaking awesome}, and I've been stressing about everything that still needs to be taken care of before we leave for the summer. Isn't it funny how everything obnoxious just seems to happen at once? 

Saturday was just a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! {If anyone knows the reference, I applaud you!} After a much needed stress-cry, Ryan gave me lots of hugs then we picked up McChickens & apple pies on the way home and I watched Teen Mom for a good hour or two. Reality tv shows always seem to pick up my spirits, maybe because it's such mindless entertainment? Also cheap-y fast food always helps in these kinds of situations. Now I'm up and roarin' again and can't wait to conquer the week! I just keep reminding myself that it's only one more week. One more week people.


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I'm glad your "Alexander" day is over. :)

Courtney said...

I'm kind of dying over how cute your house is!! I want to live in a place like that...although here it'd probably cost me over $500,000 lol.

Jan said...

That is a cute house! Also glad your weekend's getting better. :)


Arina said...

That sounds awful! Messed up iPhone=No bueno. I'm really glad that your weekend is improving.

Sandy a la Mode said...

i am really loving your necklace!!

Sandy a la Mode

Unknown said...

the whole end part about fast food and reality tv-it's totally true! always a great pick me up and completely makes the blues go away! works every time for me too

Rachel said...

I remember reading that book as a kid, and I definitely have those type of days every once in a while. You do look very pretty in your dress, though!

Alyssa said...

I love your initial necklace–and this green is so pretty on you!

Unknown said...

What a cute little house! And love that dress girl!

xo, Courtney