Breezy Days: Bijou Market


April 13, 2013

Bijou Market

This morning I met up with Deidre from Love, The Skinnys at the Bijou Market so we could peruse around at all the fun & cute stuff before the massive crowds got there!
It was my first time going and I loved the atmosphere, the unique items for sale, and all the handmade goodies. We ran into Kelsey from Kelsey Bang and Jenny from Plane Pretty and chit chatted for a while, I always love seeing a familiar face! They are honestly the sweetest girls EVER.
 Once it hit about 11-11:30 it got MEGA crowded so we bounced and grabbed ourselves some sustenance at the always-delicious Zupas.
I seriously had a blast commenting on all the stuff at Bijou Market, checking out what jewelry we were gonna get, and having a girls lunch with Deidre...she's such a down to earth girl!
{Kelsey Bang's booth}
I made off like a bandit with some freaking legit jams & these adorable teeny-tiny heart earrings.
I spent the evening being productive with my best friend Grant, we finished up our Communications final {that class is now officially OVER with} and the husband made brownies while we slaved over our work {cue the awwws}, we promptly scarfed that chocolate-y goodness down, then I submitted the application for my internship this summer.
An awesome night indeed. Woot woot!!!
Now it's time for a bubble bath with the new book I just picked up, "The Fault In Our Stars".
I've been wanting to read something non-school related for a while and have heard good things about this book.
Once my favorite english teacher reviewed it, I just knew I had to pick it up! Thanks Bon!


Marsa said...

kelsey had her own little booth? whaaaaat? i wish i went :( i didn't even know what it was until this afternoon haha

Kelsey Bang said...

ah bri! your the best! thanks so much :) your so sweet! i loved seeing you today! so glad you grabbed some yummy zupas for lunch! yum! so glad I got to see you!

Amber said...

This looks like so much fun, I wanna go! :) Love those earrings you got, so adorable.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting, I already contacted Kelsey about her adorable penguins.

Carly said...

This looks SO fun! I can't wait till we have another event like this here in lala land!


Carly said...

This looks SO fun! I can't wait till we have another event like this here in lala land!