Breezy Days: A Spring Fashion Show


April 8, 2013

A Spring Fashion Show

I attended the Fashion Place Mall Fashion Show this last weekend and had a complete BLAST.
I picked up Rachel & Kyla and we carpooled our way up to Murray in lovely Utah traffic.
When we finally made it, I felt like we were at a family reunion,
I was so excited to see all my favorite Utah bloggers :D
We got a tote bag with some fun goodies inside {make-up samples and a Sephora gift card!}, a cool VIP pass {I felt legit & official}, and we sat at the edge of the runway to watch all the shows.
I loved the ballroom dancers who did a mini-performance on the runway in between shows, how cool!!
{Sarah, Ana, Rachel, and me!}

I was cracking up at how us funny bloggers are, as a massive group we seriously sat and took a BAZILLION pictures for each of our blogs & Instagram accounts. Soooo typical ;)
It is always so funny to meet bloggers you follow in person, I met Sasha for the first time the other night, gave her a huge hug and said hi...then when I started talking to her I accidentally went to introduce myself {my natural instinct when meeting someone in person for the first time} when I realized...oh ya, we already know each other! Totally felt like a dweeb! 
Ohhh the blog world!
{Ana, Kyla, Katie, Me, Rachel}

My favorite parts of the night were: hanging out with my blogger girls {look at the pic above for the most choice Utah bloggers}, hitting up Sephora debating on what to spend our gift cards on, scarfing Chick-fil-a, way fun girl talk, getting a Fossil charm for my bracelet {the blue vespa!}, and getting my first ever Lush bath bomb! 
My face still hurt when I got home from all the smiling & laughing throughout the night!
It took alllll my might to take pictures of the night's outfit before ripping off my shoes and hopping into my sweats. So glad I wore some comfy jeans & a flowy top to account for my chick-fil-a feast.
Thanks to all the girls who made it such a fun night!


Natalie said...

please tell me that's rachel up on the runway dancing... love this! looks like fun.

sasha said...

Hahaha you are crazy! Not a dweeb at all!! I'm sorry if I seemed like my mind was all over the place! There was so much going on. I wish I was able to sit and talk to you more!! You are such a babe bri!

Carly said...

This looks SO fun!!! Jealous!!!


Amber said...

A fashion show with blog friends? Sounds like my kinda night :) Love your outfit too, those shoes are too die for!