Breezy Days: November 2011


November 30, 2011

Weird Things Wednesday: Married Life

1. After we got married, we were kinda like...wait, are we supposed to feel different?? 
Is some magical married fairy supposed to come down and make our relationship somehow different?
Nope. It's pretty much the same.
 Now we just have a piece of paper saying we're stuck with each for all time and eternity and we pay the same bills.

2. Not having to deal with roommates complaining about you not doing the dishes. Weird. 

3. Signing my name 'Rios' after 19+ years of 'Grossman'. I STILL haven't gotten ahold of my new signature. And having to switch your whole life to a different last name.
Wells Fargo still thinks I'm Brianna Grossman...oops. 

4. All the single friends acting weird cause they think you are a different species. 
We still are the same people and sometimes we like to hang out with friends other than each other. 

5. "How we spend the day. When you date there is that pressure of always trying to be a better boyfriend than student. Now that we know that we'll be together forever, we are continually trying to improve ourselves individually and as a unit so we can be a better couple. School is so much easier when you're married." -Ryan

<3 Bri

Decked. Out.

I don't know what it was today, but I just felt off.
You know what I'm talking about. 
Those days where you are tired and feel blehhhhhh.
I was all dolled up for my picture sesh with Ry and all my pictures were turning out like poop. 
I looked poofy, my hair is lackluster, the realization that I'm SO WHITE, and the lighting was all so so very wrong.
Suffice it to say, I was getting frustrated. 
Then Ryan blurted out something funny and the result is the picture above. 
Love him and his patience. Geez, I can be such a skunk sometimes.
{Skunk= a nicer way of calling someone a brat, snot, frustrating, debbie downer, etc}
Shirt, Skirt: Target. Jacket: Anthropologie. Belt: Plato's Closet. Shoes: H&M. Bracelets: Fossil, Charlotte Russe. 
 Flower Pin: Breezy Days Shop.

By the way, that flower was made by me over the holiday break :) 
I'll be posting up more pics soon, cause I have sooo many freaking cute holiday ones. 
Want one? Let me know!  

I was feeling very "holiday-ish" today and got all decked out. 
Ok, I got decked out in holiday gear TWICE. 
{Holiday gear meaning: red lipstick, red clothing, shiny jewelry, glitzy clothes and what not}
Ok ok, I don't just sit around in my apartment all day, getting all dressed up to take pics.
It was one of our friend's birthday party and we were in the holiday spirit! 
So we decided to arrive in style.
This is a sneak peek at the Candyland decor in the apartment.
SO STOKED to get everything pulled together!!!
Pictures coming soon. Stay tuned.
Sweater: Styles for Less. Dress: Fossil. Flats: H&M. Bracelets: F21. Earrings: gift. 
Sweater: Target. Jeans: Levis. Shoes: DCs.

Here is Ryan in his holiday gear. Cutenessssssssssss.

<3 Bri

November 29, 2011

The Bookish Type

I know I know. You've missed me. 
It's been vacation! Finally a break from all the school/life stresses. A good recharge of my life battery.
Ryan & I headed down with Ev to St. George to meet up with the 'rents and Jess.

So relaxing. So fun. And it was great to be around family again!
I was absolutely HORRIBLE at taking pictures cause, not gonna lie.
I was having too much fun.
Plus boys don't like getting their pic taken that much.
Surprising, right?

Sweater: Loft. Tank: F21. Skirt: Anthropologie. Boots: Rocket Dog. Necklace: Francescas. 

These pictures are from a while ago {I know I'm lame sauce}
Taken in one of my favorite places.
I'm an epic nerd.
I love reading. 

I absolutely love the smell of new books, Starbucks, and the perfect temperature and lighting in Barnes and Noble.
And ONLY Barnes and Noble.
I hate Borders. The feng shui in there is horrible. Don't ever take me there.

Only two more weeks left of actually classes, then finals. Then back to Cali for the holidays!!!
Hope you all had an awesome break and coming soon...cute outfit posts and
Can't wait!

<3 Bri

November 24, 2011

An Awesome Possum Week

The view on the way to Joseph, Utah. Gorgeous!
Evan and Ryan playing with the twin cousins {Julia and Savannah}.
Seriously the cutest thing ever to watch. 
Icelandic Crepes made by Uncle Glenn. 
Carmelized bananas, cool whip, and delicious sauce-ness. 
I decided to give Ryan a break and asked one of my fav cousins to do a photoshoot.
Zannie! She is the craftiest, cutest, most stylish and creative person I know.
And on top of it she is hilarious and way fun to be around. 
I always look forward to seeing her at the holidays!
Sweater: Loft. Skirt: Fossil. Tights: Anthro. Shoes: LA Fashion District. 
Zannie {real name Alexandra}, just got engaged this past month.
Am I so stoked that not only was she a bridesmaid at my wedding that I'll be one at hers?
Um, yes! 
Wedding colors of light pink and gray with vintage written all over it. 
Can't wait to see this masterpiece of a wedding :)
Sooo we woke up late. The boys went shooting. We got the turkey in late. We went to the Twilight movie.
Ohh the poor boys. Actually, poor me. The movie was horrible.
 Before all your Twi-fans start tracking me down and shooting harpoons at me, I HAVE read the books. Actually, I read them when they were still in the Mormon Bookstore before they even got to Barnes and Noble! 
Dad preparing the turkey.

But as any hardcore bookworm knows, the book is always better than the movie. 
Turkey. Homemade potatoes. Homemade cherry limeade. Ham. Yam deliciousness. Fruit deliciousness with homemade cool whip. And not pictured are the pies we had. YUM.

YET, I digress. After the movie, and another hour of preparation {whilst making adorable flower pins}, the food was ready.
TOTES worth the wait!

<3 Bri

November 21, 2011

Closet Shopping

You know where the best shopping is?
Your closet...when you actually clean it instead of it being a ploppy mess.

I finally got around to organizing and cleaning my closets {yes, it's plural, and yes I know I'm a skunk}, and I was so excited to find stuff that I forgot that I even had! 
Aka: cords, black skinny jeans, long sleeve t's, and more socks. SCORE.
{Closet #1: Sweaters, Blouses, Boots, Dresses}
{Closet #2: Jackets, Skirts}
{Scarves, head warmers, belts, and socks in Closet #2}

 I'll just preface this by apologizing for these nighttime pictures. 
It's been a crazy day and I was adamant about taking pictures of this outfit.
Sooo we ventured out into the freezing cold for these pics. Thanks hun!
I looove layering :)
I'm ashamed to say that I've had these boots for almost a year and a half and have only worn them twice.
I've needed to break them in AND I'm not a huge fan of the folded top boot thing-a-ma-bob.
With this outfit I like em' though! I'll have to start wearing them more often.
Now that I've found them in my closet again...
Sweater: Loft. T-shirt: Downeast Basics. Corduroys, Belt, Denim Jacket: American Eagle. Boots: Charlotte Russe. Necklace: gift. Ring: Breezy Days Shop. 

I have a clothing addiction, or it could just be that I haven't grown in a long time {still a midget} 
aaaaaand I love to shop.
It's a toss up. 

<3 Bri

Bean There, Done That

Being the typical newlywed, Ryan and I are always on the lookout for new recipes and concoctions that we can do on the cheap.
This bag of beans from Costco cost around $20, and even with just the first batch we are already starting to get our moneys worth! 
1. Put the amount of beans you want to make in a glass pan so you can see most of the beans at once
2. Sort out and throw away any beans with imperfections {shriveled up, weird color, etc.}
3. Put the beans in a colander and wash beans until there is no more dirty water coming out the colander
4. Soak the beans. Put your beans in a big bowl and put triple the amount of warm water in the bowl
 {3 cups of beans=9 cups of warm water; 4 cups of beans=12 cups of warm water}
5. Put a cover on the bowl and let them soak for 6-12 hours 
{the more the better, leave them soaking overnight/all day if you can}
6. Drain out the beans with the colander, and now you are ready to start cooking! 

1. Put beans in the crockpot and cover with water. 
2. Add pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and chili powder all for taste 
{this you can mix and match and put in what you think will taste good}
3. Put on high for 6-8 hours at least, or low for overnight
{These babies aren't done until they are nice and soft}

Now you're ready to make something delicious for cheap! 
Burritos, refried beans, dip, tacos, as a side dish. 
This batch of 4 cups=$1.25
{And the 4 cups fills the whole crockpot, a TRUCKLOAD of beans!}

<3 Bri

November 20, 2011

The Holiday Feeling

 The snow is starting to stay on the ground so now it's time for Christmas decor. 
I'm not forgetting Thanksgiving!!! But it's not like I have Pilgrim decorations or turkeys.
Can't wait for the delicccccoius food this week and to see family! 
{Putting away Halloween}
{Got these bulbs for cheap in the $1 section at Target!}
{Peppermint candy lights. Target is awesome.}
Time for hot chocolate, Elf, cuddling, and the Frank Sinatra Christmas Pandora Station, obnoxious sweaters, red dresses, glitzy heels, fun jewelry, family and friend gatherings, presents, snow, ice skating, snowmen, the claymation Christmas movies, and Christmas goodies.

I love love love the holiday feeling :) 
<3 Bri

November 19, 2011

My Scars

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Stage 1B Melanoma {skin cancer}.
The kind that usually happens to 80 year olds and the kind that if not taken care of, could be deadly. 

I don't want to sound all dramatic, and it's kind of funny to me now,
cause at the time of the news I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
That is...until the doctors started freaking out that I was 19, and at such a young age I had this growing cancer that could spread fast.

I was scheduled to have my surgery the week before finals of Winter semester 2011.
They took out a chunk out of my right arm, and lymph nodes.
After the surgery, I couldn't move, I couldn't really think straight. I felt helpless. 
It was especially hard for me because I'm self-sufficient and having to ask people for help was difficult. 

That's when I realized just how madly and deeply in love I was with my then fiance.
He would pick up food and make food for my mother and I.
He helped pack up my whole apartment and move it to a storage unit.
Would tuck me in at night, and make sure I was comfortable. 
Made sure I was taking my medicine on time.
Would hold me when I was crying out of frustration because I couldn't even put a t-shirt on without being in miserable pain. 
Writing this right now makes me tear up with joy, because I am so tremendously blessed and lucky to have him in my life. 

I'm proud of my scars because it represents the strength of my family, my parents and brothers for helping me and nurturing me back to health.
The love and care of my close friends.
The growth and strength of my relationship with my husband.
It represents all the prayers and talks I had with my Heavenly Father, asking for help, guidance, and comfort.
They prove to me how strong I really can be. 

I love my scars. They remind me daily of the many blessings that are in my life.
They constantly remind me to be grateful, caring, compassionate, and loving. They also remind me to thank my Heavenly Father for everyone, everything, and every day that I have.
{Stitches, 12 staples, and super glue, this is the day after the surgery}
{Right after the staples were taken out, still trying to get the super glue off}
{3 lymph nodes taken out, stitches, 9 staples, then super glue. The day after the surgery.}
Watch this.
It'll give you more information on melanoma, what to look for, and what to do next.
Please make an appointment with your doctor today and have a loved one check the angel kisses on your body to be safe :)

love, bri

November 18, 2011

Funny Face

I have a complete obsession, admiration, and love for Audrey Hepburn.

She is the epitome of being classy, lovely, and sweet.
While also having a mind of her own, a sense of humor, and her priorities straight.

She also was picked out of a crowd by a producer, who said she had an 'interesting look' and wanted to meet with Audrey ASAP.
Audrey was then cast for the lead in "Roman Holiday"
And guess what, her passion was never acting, she actually thought she was horrible at it and would constantly ask for direction and help.
Her real dream and passion was to be a mother and have a family.
How awesome is that?

In the time of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey was 'out of the box' cute and different. She was breaking the mold.
Her face was different, she didn't have perfect teeth, and she had size 10 feet on that little body of hers. 
And yet, she has become an icon. 
{Breakfast at Tiffanys, the movie was so scandalous at the time}

One of my favorite stories about her that I read out of the book "Fifth Avenue, 5am" by Sam Wasson, was the tale of her classic style. {Got this book at Target for 10 bucks!}

When filming Sabrina {with Humphrey Bogart&William Holden}, they were in need of fashion forward Parisian styled clothing. The seamstress for the movie wanted to make something, but the producers insisted on true Parisian clothing.
So they gave Audrey money to spend on clothes in Paris. She was in search of a designer in Paris and ran into Hubert de Givenchy and insisted that he let her try on some of his designs. 
He was hesitant because she was gangly, thin, and had big shoulders and feet. He didn't think that his clothing would look good on a body like hers. 

After the first black dress he tried on, he was sold.
He made a few alterations and tailored the dress to her body. Instead of trying to force a popular style of dress onto a not so popular body type at the time. 
{My Fair Lady}

Audrey and Givenchy worked together to form what is now known as Audrey Hepburn's classic look.
Every movie after Sabrina, she had written specifically in her contract that only Hubert de Givenchy could dress her. 
Pretty cool, huh? 

I have had an admiration for her for as long as I can remember, she was such an awesome woman and idol, and continues to influence our world today :)  
 {May 1929-January 1993}
{Holly Golightly costume found on Pinterest. CUTE!}

<3 BRI