Breezy Days: Goodbye To You, Messy Etsy!


November 4, 2011

Goodbye To You, Messy Etsy!

I've officially closed shop at Etsy.

Before any of you start crying hysterically, I'll explain.

{The Etsy Mess}
I've decided to leave Etsy because of the following reasons:
  • It takes a chunk percentage out of my earnings
  • To use Etsy, you have to sign up for Paypal, who ALSO takes a percentage
  • Way too many people, and too wide of an audience for me. Aka, how the heck was anyone gonna find my little shop with the millions of other cute shops on there?! 
  • Every time you put up a listing on Etsy, they charge 20 cents to your account that it's linked to. Which doesn't seem like much, but when you start getting gung-ho about uploading before anything is being bought, that's money you are throwing away.
  • There is an Etsy bill they email you at the end of each month, with a fee and the percentage you owe them back from your sale. Which isn't too horrible if you are selling 200 dollar leather bags. But when you are already poor AND you gotta pay someone for the 10 dollar headband? Eek.
  • And finally....I don't like selling my stuff for like 40 bucks a pop to actually make decent money on it. It's got to be reasonably priced.
Hopefully you've read this before you've gone and made 50 flowers and uploaded them all on Etsy. Cause now you all know what you could possibly be getting yourself into if you are thinking of starting an account. I'll admit it is easy to use, convenient, and quite fun.

 Yet I digress, I can now be reasonably priced and still make some money off my products. Plus, a lot of people don't even know what the heck etsy is. Sad, huh? Ok, it's mostly the old farts who don't know what it is...but they are the ones with the moolah and grandbabies to put cute headbands on! 

NOW the to sell off stuff my own site, continue with blog postings, start up my facebook Breezy Days business page, and start selling my stuff locally in salons/boutiques. 

<3 Bri

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