Breezy Days: Missionaries


November 10, 2011


{Waffles with my favorite sauce, Knotts Boysenberry Syrup :) }

It's been a long long week. I have had MEGA cute outfits the past few days but haven't had the time to take pictures! Promise that they will come soon. Is it just me, or has this week been way tiring? And next week isn't lookin that much better with all the essays and tests. But guess what...only two more weeks till THANKSGIVING. That means CRAFTS, DELICIOUS FOOD, and FAMILY. Can't wait for a break :)
For Ryan's political science class he has to attend 4 lectures throughout the semester and write essays on them. He was MEGA stoked for this one because the first lady of Honduras {Primera Dama de Honduras} came to speak at UVU. Ryan served his two year LDS-mission in Honduras and had an absolute blast. He was going on and on about how many people in Honduras would never ever get the chance to see her, nevertheless shake her hand a take a picture. How is that for perspective?

She spoke in Spanish, with the horrible translator she had {who had an English accent and was translating spanish...say what?!}, I could understand the first lady way better than the one who was speaking spanish! {Thanks to my 4 years of espanol clases!}
{Ryan and his mission buddy Russell Gardner}

Her lecture was titled "The Way to a Better Honduras", and she spoke of all the different operations she had put into place to increase the amount of children who would stay in school longer than just a few years in elementary. Trying to raise the amount of people who actually graduate, rather than working at 10 years old to help support their family. It was humbling to see all the pictures of young children who were excited to get shoes so they wouldn't have to be barefoot, or having a hot meal actually on a real plate instead of a leaf, or to have a real backpack and school supplies. So many things we take for granted here in the states. She also expressed her gratitude for the LDS missionaries who kept up the morale in the country, and about how excited she was for the new Honduras temple that is currently being built. We are truly blessed here, and I'm thankful for all those missionaries who go out and serve, and sacrifice in strange countries for those in need of faith. 
Gracias elderes! 
{What it will look like when it's done next year!}

<3 Bri

P.S. If you are completely lost and are not LDS, check out the "I Believe" tab to get more info on what I'm talking about. But I'm sure you know who I'm talking about: the white shirt, black slacks, clean cut boys {who turn into men}, riding around on bicycles, preaching what they know is true. The Mormon missionaries :)

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