Breezy Days: April 2011


April 29, 2011

What Makes Us Laugh

(This was written a month or so ago)

  • Either of us hurting ourselves (i.e. Ryan hitting his foot on the chair, Me hitting my knee on a desk, or both of us almost biffing it as we are walking)
  • Ryan watching me "try" to parallel park
  • Me watching Ryan freak out and cry at the sight of a frog/clowns
  • Showing each other new youtube videos the other has never seen. (AKA. Ryan had never seen this video up until a month ago when I showed it to him for the first time.

35 Days

Longest. Month. Ever.
Ryan is in Oregon selling his buns off {and doing awesome I might add} for EcoFirst Pest Control, being the coolest manger there ever was.
While I sit at home being babysat by my family, so I don't split open my arm/armpit {but now I have all the 21 staples out of my body, thanks to Sister Gray!!}

This past month and a half has been a trying and tiring one, and this next month will feel really long, but hopefully {cross my fingers} fly by fast.
I will be the mushy gushy one here, I miss Ryan way too much to fit into a blog post, but the wait is definitely worth it. I get to marry my bestest friend for all time and eternity, in 34 days and 11 hours :)

April 6, 2011

Ryan & Bri In a Nutshell

I've decided that our lives are too exciting not to have a blog.
First of all, I figured I should explain the title.

This phrase is our relationship in a nutshell. We take turns saying each phrase depending on the situation:
"So...I'm thinking we should eat Betos at 2 in the morning then eat the ice cream in the freezer...Hey, it could be fun!"
"Only one way to find out!" (Insert joking smile and sarcastic tone)

AKA  What you are saying right now is absolutely ridiculous, out of the question, buuuuut since you are so cute, I suppose I'll entertain your outrageous idea.

We take turns being the crazy, adventurous, fun one and the logical, down to earth, responsible one. We balance each other out. We got each others' backs. We love our families and love being involved with friends. We are the bestest of friends. And we are more excited than ever to move on and start our lives together.

AKA  It just works :)
Hooray for June 4, 2011!