Breezy Days: Ryan & Bri In a Nutshell


April 6, 2011

Ryan & Bri In a Nutshell

I've decided that our lives are too exciting not to have a blog.
First of all, I figured I should explain the title.

This phrase is our relationship in a nutshell. We take turns saying each phrase depending on the situation:
"So...I'm thinking we should eat Betos at 2 in the morning then eat the ice cream in the freezer...Hey, it could be fun!"
"Only one way to find out!" (Insert joking smile and sarcastic tone)

AKA  What you are saying right now is absolutely ridiculous, out of the question, buuuuut since you are so cute, I suppose I'll entertain your outrageous idea.

We take turns being the crazy, adventurous, fun one and the logical, down to earth, responsible one. We balance each other out. We got each others' backs. We love our families and love being involved with friends. We are the bestest of friends. And we are more excited than ever to move on and start our lives together.

AKA  It just works :)
Hooray for June 4, 2011!

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