Breezy Days: December 2014


December 29, 2014

2014 in Review

+ Got to meet Steve Madden at the Fashion Place Mall in Murray. He signed my purse and even gave me a high five coming into the building. SWOON!
+ Celebrated my last first day of school...and last semester in college!


+ Visited the Midway Ice Castles, saw Elsa & Olaf, then Ryan tried to be rebellious and punched a few icicles. 
+ Hosted a Superbowl party, Seahawks vs. Broncos, and ate freaking awesome food.
+ Helped host a party at Called to Surf in the Riverwoods, love my blog friends! 
+ Went to a Galentines party with all my bloggy friends, hosted by the beautiful Sasha and Jenny!

+ A post on some of the best cheap eats in Provo! Update will be coming soon ;)
+ Elder Evs hits his one year mark on his LDS mission in Mexico.
+ I wrote about where I thought I'd be in 1, 3, and 5 years after high school graduation; and where I actually ended up.

+ We FINALLY got pictures from the photographer of our photoshoot in Montana at our wedding reception that happened almost 3 years ago. 
+ Rachel took some awesome pics of me & Ryan :)
+ I'm officially a BYU grad! Graduated with a Family Studies degree and minors in Communications and Music. Still don't really enjoy the "What do you do with all of that" question haha!
+ Graduation battle...similarities & differences between HS and college graduations.

+ Showing off my glitzy graduation dress.
+ Hosted a Memorial Day backyard BBQ & smores with friends.
+ Elder Evs burning in the heat of Tabasco, Mexico. 

+ What I've learned in our 3 years of marriage
+ Hitting Newport Beach with my mom!
+ What you need to know living in Provo and attending BYU, a letter to my brother Jesse. 
+ Disneyland day with my mom was a complete blast!
+ Roadtripping to Nor-Cal for a friend's wedding, and made a belated anniversary trip to San Francisco.

+ Enjoying the 4th of July with our new friends Rosa & Ian, and our favorite roommate Jaz. We ate cheese and bacon stuffed burgers, drank lots of mexican coke, and floated the Provo River. 
+ I've got some major trust issues with people!
+ Blogger party at Amara Glam Spa Night

+ Had a crazy bachelorette party in SLC for Lo. Car broke down and the girls live tweeted the whole event!
+ Went on our first family trip in ages to tour Montana! One of the highlights was definitely hiking in Glacier National Park, and here's a family trip video I made to remember our trip by. 

+ I finally put my degree to use and wrote a Pinterest Psychology 101 post. 
+ My favoritest potato soup recipe ever, and I'm sharing it with you! 

+ Kissing Ryan underneath the Kisstletoe <3 
+ Helped spread the gospel of The Mouse Trap Truck & hosted a low-key blogger event. 
+ Started a new job as an Executive Assistant at DevMountain which is a coding campus. This job has been such a blessing! 

+ Quick and easy holiday hairstyles for all my upcoming parties :)
+ Lo's secret banana bread recipe, complete heaven in a loaf. 
+ I hosted Thanksgiving at my home got SO stuffed and didn't move the rest of the day. 

+ Hosted our first ever Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! We love having an excuse to be with all our favorite family & friends. 
+ The easiest and most delicious fudge recipe of all time! 
+ My festive leopard Christmas look for church

2014 has been a great year, but I'm looking forward to all the fun stuff we have planned for this next year! Baby blessings, Evan coming home from his mission, family vacation, Disneyland trips, and growing with my job! 

December 17, 2014

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

This past Saturday Ryan and I hosted our first Ugly Sweater Party! It was seriously SO MUCH FUN decorating the house, setting up the treat, sliders, and hot cocoa bar. We invited some of our awesome friends and had a complete blast. There were people coming in and out all night, and some party goers stayed till 2am!

I apologize for the lighting in all these pictures, still haven't got that whole indoor photography down yet! The table was filled to the brim with peppermint cookies, ham sliders, artichoke dip, cookies, and deliciousness galore!

This is one of my oldest friends Grant, and he is the 3rd Grossman brother I never had ;) He always makes a point to come to my parties even in the midst of his crazy pre-med school schedule, and it never fails to make me smile! 

Here's our ugly sweater prize winners! Jesse won "Still Pretty Ugly" with his pug sweater from H&M, Connor won "Ugliest Sweater" with his homemade vest (Ariel's matching look was also pretty epic) and Lo won "Just Too Pretty" with her feminine gold ornaments & tinsel :)

This is most of the group that came and enjoyed the party, we lucked out with pretty awesome friends! Have a holly jolly Christmas everyone! :)

December 15, 2014

Holiday Leopard

How are we only 10 days away from Christmas? This is INSANE! A lot of people from my ward (local church) are students so they'll be going to their hometowns for the holidays. Because of this, our ward did their Christmas program yesterday so I wore my Christmas dress! I am in love with anything leopard print, so when I saw this festive dress from Loft I knew I had to have it.

Plus these bow heels from Shoedazzle? I DIE. I loved them so much I ordered them in magenta too! They remind me of those heels that were really popular last year but way out of my budget. I'm a Shoedazzle VIP so I was able to snag these black ones as well as the magenta for $45 with free shipping. Hope all of your last minute holiday plans go smoothly and you BYU students rock your finals! :)

Lash Extensions: Instagram @lashesbyandrianna 
Mayala Bow Heels: Shoedazzle

December 11, 2014

Turkey Day 2014

I'm just barely getting around to reporting on Thanksgiving, and Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Wow, does the time fly. My parents flew up to Provo to spend the holiday with Ryan, Jesse, and I. It was nice to have them be able to stay longer than just 2 days (like they have their past couple of trips), so we could really enjoy their company. 

I love that when we spend time with my family, we enjoy our time together but also make sure to take naps when needed. Soooooo relaxing. No pressure of having to be on the ball during the entire trip, nap time FTW! The day of Thanksgiving the boys went top play some turkey bowl football after they got the real turkey in the oven. We made a jalapeƱo turkey, coconut brown sugar yams, cream corn, asparagus, fruit salad, stuffing, picked up Kneaders rolls, and Ryan ordered homemade tamales from our local tamale lady. We were in a straight up FOOD COMA.

During our family trip to Montana we shared this AMAZING huckleberry pie. So as a surprise I ordered the pie for my family so it would be delivered the day before. It was just as delicious as we had remembered it :) Overall it was a relaxing and food-coma-filled holiday. Can't wait to do it all over again (maybe not as much food haha) for Christmas!

December 9, 2014

How We Wore It: Fashion Collaboration

I'm teaming up with 11 other awesome bloggers to show how we each found inspiration in this fun plaid/vest look from Suburban Faux-Pas! I love being comfy and over-the-top all at the same time...which makes fall and winter a fun time for me. Fur! Plaid! Pom Beanies! Red lips! Glitz and glam! The cooler months are all about being cozy yet fancy, and I love it :)

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Plaid Top: H&M (similar)
Vest: Anthropologie (similar)
Leaf Bracelet: Anthropologie (old)
Pom Beanie: Anthropologie (similar)
Ellen Booties: Shoemint