Breezy Days: Lo's Wild Night Out


August 6, 2014

Lo's Wild Night Out

I have this group of blogger girlfriends, we all met online (sounds creepy, right?) and have girls nights on an almost weekly basis. It's seriously crazy how the blog world works! Since Lauren is getting married in a couple of weeks, we decided to plan a bachelorette weekend trip to Salt Lake since not all of us can make her wedding. I volunteered my car because I love using my rockin' sound system! We decorated it all cute and started our journey to pick the whole gang up.

Lo's Wild Night Out starring: Lauren // Ariel // Jess // Rachel 

When picking up Rachel, my car started to make weird noises...then Lucille (my car) spit a nasty smoke-y smell into the cabin. Lucille was overheating!! I figured she was just tired from the hills and continued on with some more coolant in the engine, but once we got onto the freeway she puttered out again. I pulled over and called AAA (shoutout to mom for reminding me to renew the membership), and got us all towed to the closest AAA approved mechanic. 

The girls all live-tweeted the ordeal (and the tow guys were perplexed as to what the heck was going on)...but it is hilarious and you should check it out here

Ryan was the only husband who was able to get off work early to come save us. HOLLA!  He drove the rest of the way to our hotel and dropped us off. The night will go on!

We decked out the hotel room while Lauren was in the bathroom getting ready for our dinner reservation. Balloons, streamers, treat table...the works. She was stunned and in awe of our amazing decorating skillage (as you can see above)!

Mirror selfie...cause, duh

Seeing as how Lucille had bit the dust, we walked over to the UTA Trax system and waited for our chariot to the Melting Pot!! 

We FINALLY made it!! And as bloggers do, we needed a picture to commemorate our visit. Most of us got the four-course meal, which meant a: cheese appetizer, salad, broth for meats, and chocolate for desserts. I'm drooling just looking at these pictures! 

Rachel was obvi's dying over the amazing food we had just devoured. We were in the restaurant for THREE HOURS. JUST EATING. For a group of girls, I would say that is pretty dang impressive.

We walked back to our hotel, jumped into our matching kiss pj's, and started a night full of fun bachelorette games. We had such a BLAST! But, what happens in Salt Lake...stays in Salt Lake ;) So insanely corny, but I couldn't resist! #LosWildNightOut 


the cape on the corner said...

so cute! i follow many of your blogs, so it's neat to see you all as friends. i love that you are all wearing matching outfits, and her outfit is so cute.

Unknown said...

hahahahahaha love every part of this post and that night.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

You guys are so cute!! You all have amazing hair first of all!! What a fun time. That is so cool that you made such good friends through blogging.

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

best night eva