Breezy Days: Grouse Mountain Lodge


August 26, 2014

Grouse Mountain Lodge

Our first stop was at the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish, which is a pretty fancy shmancy place according to Montanans. It was a gorgeous hotel with a cabin feel, both inside and out! One random thing we noticed throughout our Montana trip is that the state LOVES hanging flower pots. No seriously. In every city we were in, beautiful HANGING PLANTS. Grouse Lodge did not disappoint ;)

Here is what you walk in and see when coming through the front doors, wow!! Seriously decked out in posh cabin style. Our room was comfortable with a good size bathroom and a nice AC unit. My mom and I enjoyed making use of the outdoor hot tubs while the boys loved the sauna and golf course nearby. We stayed here for a couple of nights while we hit up Glacier National Park and before we made our way over to Quinn's Hot Springs! 

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Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

WOW that so makes me want to be there RIGHT NOW! But no, I'm at my desk at work lol
XO, Ellen from Ask Away