Breezy Days: February 2014


February 28, 2014

Party Like a Rockstar

This week has been jam-packed! This past Wednesday I helped host a blogger party at Called to Surf in the Riverwoods, and it was a complete blast. Adorable modest swimwear, Instagram contests, Sodalicious Soda Bar, La Jolla Grove catering, and amazing blogger company...could you ask for better?? I can't wait to share more with all of you! 

Right after the party I started feeling a little sick and came down with a cold. Lame! I guess I just know how to party ;) I just finished studying & taking one test today, and now I'm studying to take another doozy of a test tomorrow. On tons of cold medicine...wish me luck! Happy weekend! 

February 24, 2014

Date Night Looks feat. Anjolee Jewelry

Ok, our anniversary isn't until June...but I like to plan early! We are thinking of taking a San Francisco trip a couple weeks after our anniversary because we will be in the area for a friends wedding. Every year we talk about taking a trip and it never pans out, so I'm determined to make this one happen. It'll be a whole 3 years this June, holy moly this calls for a celebration! 

These are all unique looks that I would wear out on the town for our anniversary they give some ideas for the husband on what jewelry to get me ;) Anjolee jewelry has some absolutely gorgeous options such as the vintage bracelet, eternity band, and drop earrings featured in these date night looks. 

I love the vintage classic feel that each of these pieces have; I would just die if these were options in my jewelry closet! Plus, all of Anjolee's Jewelry products are customizable according to preference of: metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size. How conveniently perfect is that?

This look is probably my favorite out of all of them because I can just imagine the look as a whole. I would wear my hair up in a curly tendrils with no necklace, but only these amazing drop earrings because they would highlight my smile! Plus I love all the bright happy colors balanced with the insane sexiness of the leather jacket and laced-up heels ;) Can't wait to start planning that anniversary trip now!

*This post was sponsored by Anjolee Jewlery, but all opinions are my own.*

The Sun is Shining

40 degrees and sunny outside? Welcome to a Utah spring day! I couldn't wait to bust out the bright colors and bare legs {although they are pretty dang white...}, freedooooom! My mood is instantly lifted when the sun is shining bright, you can take the girl out of California...but not California out of the girl ;) Tonight we were invited over for games at the home of a couple in our ward, and it was a complete BLAST. We were invited over for dinner & games by another family last week, who we also had a fantastic time with!

I honestly cannot get over how friendly and outgoing everyone is in our new married ward. Every week after church Ryan and I come home and say to each other: We made the right choice in switching, this is so dang awesome. It's always nice to feel welcomed & wanted! 

The sun is shining, I'm more than half-way through my last semester, we are making tons of friends in our new ward, I had a great day of thank yous from coaches & parents this past Saturday when working, and I couldn't be happier :)

February 18, 2014

If I Could Meet These Bloggers in Real Life...

I'd wet my pants.
Wait, you think I would actually admit to that on my blog? PSH.

Seriously though, there are some bloggers that seem to jump off the computer screen as so genuine, real, and insanely crazy fun that I'd want to hang with them in real life. Isn't that what blogging is all about? I love being able to connect with online friends away from the blogosphere because it sets the foundation for some pretty amazing friendships! So if I had my pick of the blogger litter...I'd pick the following and this is what our ideal blate {blogger+date} would look like:

// Erin @ Living in Yellow

Isn't Erin a given?? I would totally go on a tropical vacation with her and even though I don't drink...we would hit up some crazy dance parties then I would feel hungover the next morning from all the insane fun that was had. She seems not only sweet, but just a solid and dependable friend to have around, someone who has no qualms with telling it like it is. We all need a friend like that!

// Emily @ The Sweetest Thing

Gorgeous much?! Emily would be the PERFECT shopping gf because she has a great sense of style and she knows how to high/low brand mix like a champ. Our blogger date would be a weekend full of hardcore shopping, getting all gussied up for fancy dinners out on the town, sunny days laying by the pool, and talking about the young married life! 

// Natalie & Huck @ Hey Natalie Jean

I just hope that one day I have a child as ridiculously adorable as Huck. I DIE. I would love to roam around New York city with Natalie and Huck on all their adventures to the park or to the new hippest place to eat. They could show off the city to a first-timer and take me to all the must-see stores, sights, and parties. They just seem like such a fun & spontaneous pair to hang with!

// Jess @ Glisten Fit

I've known Jess for a little while in this blogging world, and it's funny {seeing as how we've never met in person} how insanely proud I am of her for her new Glisten Fit personal training business! This little country girl with so much life & boundless energy, would push me to work harder and be my best during the workout, but then after be an awesome gf to watch stupid girly movies and narf on ice cream with.

// Olga @ Vintage Pretty

Olga is probably the most gorgeous pregnant woman I've ever seen. I'm not even kidding. I've been following her blog for a while and with every pregnancy she always looks absolutely stunning. She is so creative, I would love to throw a blogger party with her! The crafting-party-throwing side of me would be jumping for joy at the thought of working with her on all the cute and thoughtful little details for our party guests.

Which bloggers would you love to go on a blate with in real life?

February 17, 2014

Bri's Bees

I am so dang excited that Jenny brought back her Sunday Style link-up! It was one of the only link-ups I actually consistently participated in, shame on me right? {#bloggerprobs haha} I'm debuting this outfit that I wore to church yesterday. It's funny that I hardly can ever wear just black, when I do end up wearing black I have to balance with a bunch of bright color so I can still feel like myself!

This necklace is another favorite! I loved that the jewels kind of look like bumblebees {because bee jewelry is my absolute favorite}, and that it was only $8 with free shipping. Say wha?! Plus this dress is an Anthropologie dress sale rack find from last year, a whopping $40. Ladies, I don't mess around when it comes to an awesome bargain buy.

I'm excited for the day off, but now I know school is just going to be that much more intense this week to make up for it. Lame! Hope you all have had a fun weekend! :)

February 15, 2014

Selfies All Day Err' Day

I wore this outfit out to lunch the other day with Ryan and he just shook his head because my tee-shirt  has "Selfie" emblazoned on the front. A very fortunate find at Target for $10, along with these adorable turquoise flats for $11 at Ross. All I'm saying is that Ryan is just jealous that he can't find a bargain selfie shirt for himself. 

Soooo I finally got my hair done this morning, which means no more outfit pictures with beanies/messy buns. Hooray! Blogger problems right?! Another good nugget of news, I just got an email today saying that it's time to order my graduate cap and gown. Say wha?! I'm SO excited to be that much closer to G-day. Only 2 more months :D Also, hooray for the long weekend. I don't know about you, but lots of napping will be going on around here...

February 14, 2014

Little Love Notes

I love you more than a dirty Dr. Pepper
You have the cutest lips/buns
No one can impersonate grumpy cat better than you
I love you because you wash the dishes when I gag at them
You had me at our first date :)

I left these little notes around the house for Ryan to find during this past week and it made me so happy to hear his hearty laugh upon discovering them. Definitely worth the few minutes it took to print them, write little somethins' on, and tape up. Cardstore has free printable love notes just for you to print & use! They don't have to be relegated just to the week of Valentines, use them anytime through the year to show your loved one some...well, love :)

Happy Valentines Day!

February 13, 2014

Why We Work

We work because we are patient with one other when we need to be. Especially with his latin sassiness and my over-dramatizations. {Speaking of which, he texted me this pic earlier today saying this kitty reminded him of me...}

We work because we've been through crazy ups and downs in our first 2.5 years of marriage together that most couples don't go through in 5 years.

We work because he does the dishes cause I gag every time I smell them, and I walk down the super creepy and small stairs to switch over laundry cause his arms are too buff to fit.

We work because when Ryan is tuned in juuusstttt right, he says exactly what I need to hear and it gives my heart warm fuzzes.

We work because we love to have fun and absolutely love including our friends and family in on that. Which usually means that I'm creative direction for the parties we throw while Ryan gets to help pull the vision all together with his handyman know-how.

We work because he understands my need for: hot bubble baths, new shoes, fashion magazines, talking with my family a couple times a week, and Audrey Hepburn movies.

While I understand his need for: his football obsession, educational podcasts, crazy colored no-show socks, and growing ridiculous mustaches {example below.}

We work because I look forward to seeing his half-asleep smile in the morning and he likes to wrap me up in his warm bear hugs when I get home from school.

We work because we are a great team, and I sure am looking forward to all our years of adventures together {i.e. our couples to-do list which includes going to a Super Bowl and traveling to Italy} :)

February 12, 2014

Galentines Party

Sasha and Jenny put together this awesome Galentines party a little bit ago, and I've honestly not laughed that hard in so long. I know I always say this, but the blogging world is such a crazy one! I met all these ladies online, and now we get together for fun girls nights and bond like we've known each other for ages. That is so dang weird if you really think about it!

Delicious heart cookies, a cute heart photo backdrop, and the quality company made for such a blast of a party. These girls nights will definitely have to happen more often, because I love getting together with such a fun group of ladies and having an excuse to go out and party on a weeknight ;)

February 11, 2014

Cat Coat

I picked up this amazing coat from @shopvictoriafarnsworth on Instagram because I knew I just couldn't live without it. It's Banana Republic, with fur, camel coloring, and a price that was absolutely, YES. It was my first ever Instagram purchase and I was a little hesitant with how it would all work out. What if it doesn't fit? What if it gets lost in the mail? What if someone else has already claimed it, but I jumped the gun and sent the payment?? {All things that someone who is a littttle bit Type A would worry about...unnecessarily I might add.} 

I come home from school to see a big box waiting by the front door for me...I can honestly say that very little tops snail mail and packages waiting for me at home. I rip open the package, throw on the coat and just start petting it like a complete weirdo. I'm in love {again...if you want to be all technical about it, I'll claim Ryan as my first love ;)} 

I walk out to show it off to Ryan and friends and what does our friend Cody call it? A cat coat. 'SCUUUSE ME?! {Said it sassy "oh no you didn't" voice with accompanying finger waving.}

Good thing I have insanely HIGH self-esteem because I trotted out on our double date in this beauty and didn't think twice. I'm totes gonna rock my cat coat! MUHAHAHAHA! I showed you! {Not really, cause after the initial mocking, no one cared anymore haha.} Moral of the story is don't listen to your husband or his friends about fashion. The end.

February 10, 2014

Things Only Provo-ites Know

 // University Avenue and University Parkway are two completely different streets, and are horrific at the following times:
+ 4-5pm everyday
+ Whenever it's snowing
+ Monday night FHE {family home evening}
+ Friday & Saturday date nights
+ Wednesdays during MTC {missionary training center} drop-off times
+ In between General Conference sessions
+ And during the summer when EFY kids are being dropped off at BYU

// The Velour is known for hosting up and coming Provo bands for hipster kids to drool and obsess over. Neon Trees anyone? {Still bitter that I didn't go when they were performing there...}

// Going on the West side of University Avenue over by the train tracks is super does that part of Provo even exist?!

// Everyone knows what you mean when you say that you live south of campus or condo row.

// Granted, everyone still gets Alpine Village and The Village confused...

// You are accustomed to random people asking you for weird favors such as: a picture for their FHE picture scavenger hunt, to film you wishing a stranger happy birthday, or taking surveys from you for their psychology class.

// If you are an out-of-state driver, then you blame all the horrible accidents and driving practices on other driver's "Utah plates".

// Instead of the Six Degrees of Separation, we have the Three Degrees of Just Being Mormon. You pretty much can track down a connection with anyone through various friends, acquaintances, school peers, missionaries, or family because we are all so dang inter-connected.

// BYU Cougar fans are the loudest when we win a game, i.e. driving through the streets honking, screaming, dance parties, fireworks, etc. When we lose? Provo is a complete ghost town.

// Betos drive-thru is hoppin' between the hours of 10pm-3am cause BYU students don't get the typical drug-induced munchies....we get the study munchies from studying all night for our dang tests! {Plus Betos is one of the only 24/7 businesses in move Betos, smart move.}

February 8, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

I grew up in a basketball entire family has played and I'm now a basketball referee for Parks & Rec {makin' my dad proud!} Then I married Ryan...who is all football all the time. He played his entire life, and is now a walking football encyclopedia. Super Bowl sunday is where we come together as planner extraordinaire and football fan maniac ;) 

We love being social and having a reason to rally up some of our favorite people to come over, which is why this is our second year hosting a Super Bowl party. I love hosting parties, so I had a complete blast putting the food and table together!

I made some Cafe Rio pork in the crockpot and had rolls {or "Bronco Bread", so corny right?}, cheese, and sauces for everyone to make their own little sliders. Throw in some southwestern dippers, themed cupcakes, cheesy potato skins, and 7-up punch and we're in business! Everyone brought over their own appetizers to contribute which included: cream cheese filled croissants from the Provo Bakery, amazing avocado salsa with chips, homemade girl scout cookies, and delicious artichoke dip. Can you tell that we all love food?!

I also printed up some Super Bowl commercial bingo cards which was actually super fun! We all got pretty competitive to see how could hit bingo first ;) I don't know if it's a sad or happy thing...but I had such a fun time the whole night that I didn't even pick up my camera to take pictures of who was there. BLOGGER FAIL! Even more of a fail? The Denver Broncos...ouch!

February 6, 2014

The Bear aka Satan's Sandwich

Last weekend one of our good friends, Cody Holmes, was in town to meet up with his GF and we ended up hanging out all day Saturday! Cody wanted to hit up this place Lucky 13 in SLC to compete in their food challenge. Two sandwiches. 58 minutes. $200 on the line. 

Ryan ended up getting "The Bear", one of the 2 sandwiches that Cody would have to eat in his competition. "The Bear" was 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, with a 14oz meat patty in the middle. The meat had been mixed with habaneros, there were habaneros on the sandwich, AND a habanero hot sauce. Keep in mind that both Ryan and Cody served LDS missions in Honduras and aren't new to spicy/hot food. 

Ryan got his food and started narfing it down...then his eyes starting welling up. Then his eyes were bloodshot. Then he downed everyones water at the table. He barely got through half of the sandwich before calling it quits and dubbing it "Satan's Sandwich." He said it was the hottest thing he had ever tasted in his life. Hearing this made Cody pretty nervous for his challenge...

He ate the burger on the left in less than 15 minutes, and was setting a good pace for himself. He got to "The Bear" and only ate about 1/8th of it before his eyes got insanely bloodshot and he was running for the restroom. Cody and Ryan for the rest of the night kept on yelling "What did we do to ourselves?!?!" We came back to the house and they laid in the fetal position on the floor for a good hour before having the strength to get up. Even the day after Ryan was just puttering around because he could still feel the fiery burn of habaneros in his stomach! 

Scary to say the least?! It's amazing what food can do to you!! I just ate this BBQ bacon cheeseburger and some of these fries and still couldn't even get through all of it haha! No more food challenges or Satan Sandwiches for these boys...