Breezy Days: Things Only Provo-ites Know


February 10, 2014

Things Only Provo-ites Know

 // University Avenue and University Parkway are two completely different streets, and are horrific at the following times:
+ 4-5pm everyday
+ Whenever it's snowing
+ Monday night FHE {family home evening}
+ Friday & Saturday date nights
+ Wednesdays during MTC {missionary training center} drop-off times
+ In between General Conference sessions
+ And during the summer when EFY kids are being dropped off at BYU

// The Velour is known for hosting up and coming Provo bands for hipster kids to drool and obsess over. Neon Trees anyone? {Still bitter that I didn't go when they were performing there...}

// Going on the West side of University Avenue over by the train tracks is super does that part of Provo even exist?!

// Everyone knows what you mean when you say that you live south of campus or condo row.

// Granted, everyone still gets Alpine Village and The Village confused...

// You are accustomed to random people asking you for weird favors such as: a picture for their FHE picture scavenger hunt, to film you wishing a stranger happy birthday, or taking surveys from you for their psychology class.

// If you are an out-of-state driver, then you blame all the horrible accidents and driving practices on other driver's "Utah plates".

// Instead of the Six Degrees of Separation, we have the Three Degrees of Just Being Mormon. You pretty much can track down a connection with anyone through various friends, acquaintances, school peers, missionaries, or family because we are all so dang inter-connected.

// BYU Cougar fans are the loudest when we win a game, i.e. driving through the streets honking, screaming, dance parties, fireworks, etc. When we lose? Provo is a complete ghost town.

// Betos drive-thru is hoppin' between the hours of 10pm-3am cause BYU students don't get the typical drug-induced munchies....we get the study munchies from studying all night for our dang tests! {Plus Betos is one of the only 24/7 businesses in move Betos, smart move.}


Kirst Semler said...

I laughed through all of these because they are true! Good ol Beto's run… Plus they are cheap!

Lex said...

This made me miss Provo (and Utah in general) so much!

Beto's is the best.

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Haha, I've never been to Provo, but I've heard lots about it. I hope to visit one day!

Natalie said...

yupppp. that's about right. i live right off of university avenue, the worst sometimes!

Birdie said...

This is all so, so unbelievably true. Spot on.

xoxo Birdie

Jess said...

Because all of the accidents are the Utah drivers ;)

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...

Oh Provo…how I kind of miss thee and kind of don't. Hahaha!