Breezy Days: Selfies All Day Err' Day


February 15, 2014

Selfies All Day Err' Day

I wore this outfit out to lunch the other day with Ryan and he just shook his head because my tee-shirt  has "Selfie" emblazoned on the front. A very fortunate find at Target for $10, along with these adorable turquoise flats for $11 at Ross. All I'm saying is that Ryan is just jealous that he can't find a bargain selfie shirt for himself. 

Soooo I finally got my hair done this morning, which means no more outfit pictures with beanies/messy buns. Hooray! Blogger problems right?! Another good nugget of news, I just got an email today saying that it's time to order my graduate cap and gown. Say wha?! I'm SO excited to be that much closer to G-day. Only 2 more months :D Also, hooray for the long weekend. I don't know about you, but lots of napping will be going on around here...


Rachel said...

I love your shoes!! That's one of my favorite colors!

Unknown said...

I love these colors Bri!! Adorable as always <3

xoxo Teresa
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