Breezy Days: Super Bowl 2014


February 8, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

I grew up in a basketball entire family has played and I'm now a basketball referee for Parks & Rec {makin' my dad proud!} Then I married Ryan...who is all football all the time. He played his entire life, and is now a walking football encyclopedia. Super Bowl sunday is where we come together as planner extraordinaire and football fan maniac ;) 

We love being social and having a reason to rally up some of our favorite people to come over, which is why this is our second year hosting a Super Bowl party. I love hosting parties, so I had a complete blast putting the food and table together!

I made some Cafe Rio pork in the crockpot and had rolls {or "Bronco Bread", so corny right?}, cheese, and sauces for everyone to make their own little sliders. Throw in some southwestern dippers, themed cupcakes, cheesy potato skins, and 7-up punch and we're in business! Everyone brought over their own appetizers to contribute which included: cream cheese filled croissants from the Provo Bakery, amazing avocado salsa with chips, homemade girl scout cookies, and delicious artichoke dip. Can you tell that we all love food?!

I also printed up some Super Bowl commercial bingo cards which was actually super fun! We all got pretty competitive to see how could hit bingo first ;) I don't know if it's a sad or happy thing...but I had such a fun time the whole night that I didn't even pick up my camera to take pictures of who was there. BLOGGER FAIL! Even more of a fail? The Denver Broncos...ouch!


PrettyLuckyMama said...

how festive !! love this and especially the commercial bingo cards how fun !!

Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

Bree said...

Ooo I've never seen the bingo cards before! Super cute.

And we're still hurting over the loss. It was a depressing night for my family.