Breezy Days: Why We Work


February 13, 2014

Why We Work

We work because we are patient with one other when we need to be. Especially with his latin sassiness and my over-dramatizations. {Speaking of which, he texted me this pic earlier today saying this kitty reminded him of me...}

We work because we've been through crazy ups and downs in our first 2.5 years of marriage together that most couples don't go through in 5 years.

We work because he does the dishes cause I gag every time I smell them, and I walk down the super creepy and small stairs to switch over laundry cause his arms are too buff to fit.

We work because when Ryan is tuned in juuusstttt right, he says exactly what I need to hear and it gives my heart warm fuzzes.

We work because we love to have fun and absolutely love including our friends and family in on that. Which usually means that I'm creative direction for the parties we throw while Ryan gets to help pull the vision all together with his handyman know-how.

We work because he understands my need for: hot bubble baths, new shoes, fashion magazines, talking with my family a couple times a week, and Audrey Hepburn movies.

While I understand his need for: his football obsession, educational podcasts, crazy colored no-show socks, and growing ridiculous mustaches {example below.}

We work because I look forward to seeing his half-asleep smile in the morning and he likes to wrap me up in his warm bear hugs when I get home from school.

We work because we are a great team, and I sure am looking forward to all our years of adventures together {i.e. our couples to-do list which includes going to a Super Bowl and traveling to Italy} :)


Rachel said...

You're a better woman than I am, I do not understand my husbands need to grow a mustache periodically... :P

Heather @ The Maritime Reader said...

Over here from the link up! Cute post!! Your couples to-do list sounds intriguing and fun!!

Alison Ambrose said...

Just found your blog through the link-up and am so happy I did! Love this post and loving the rest of your blog too. Can't wait to keep reading!