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Personal Microderm Giveaway

September 15, 2014
I tested and reviewed the Personal Microderm a few days ago, and now's your chance to have one of your own! My skin felt softer and healthier after using the PMD device, so I know you'd love it! If you're already a follower of mine, then you've pretty much got this giveaway in the bag ;)

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Adventures With Elder Evs: 6 More Months

September 14, 2014
It's crazy to think that Elder Grossman has less than 6 months until he is back in the states!! We are all super excited for his return :) In the meantime, here's an update! He has been transferred to the big city of Villahermosa and is training his new companion Elder Galindo from Monterrey who he says is "willing to learn and really fun to talk to." 

He absolutely loves his new apartment and area because "THERES AN AIR CONDITIONING UNIT" (a direct quote, yes in all caps) in his room. Elder G has reported to sleeping way better at night with it, and he is extremely content. Plus they have fun stores and restaurants such as: Dominos, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Dairy Queen nearby. Hooray! Anyways, the pictures and stories in this post are from the last few weeks in his previous area of Reyes Aztecas! :)

The above pictures are from a ward activity Elder G and his companion put together in his previous area. "We started up activities in the ward here. We played volleyball and had water balloons, and with these activities we are getting attention from people who aren't members which is really cool."

These are pictures of their investigator Zamyra and her family at her baptism! 

"We had some birthdays this past week: first, our new convert! She turned 16. It was small, but an awesome party! Singing maƱanitas and cakes in peoples faces. After her 'mordita' her brother splashed her with a bucket of water. It was funny, but she didn't think it was funny. We also got her a cake, which was super good!! We found out the following day that it was made with a tiny bit of alcohol :(" 
(We all wrote to Evan that when cooking with alcohol, it eventually burns off so he shouldn't feel as bad)

"We had an Elder that had a birthday too! We got him a different cake, so not to repeat our previous mistake. We even asked the person to make sure it wasn't made with any alcohol or coffee. A member told us later that the cake we bought was made with a little bit of coffee. I now officially hate all cakes in Mexico :(" 

"I have my whole district here! Me, Elder Ortiz, Elder Rivera, Hermana Sanchez, and the Holy Ghost in between Hermana Wyndham and Elder Florido :)" 

With the holidays coming up soon, make sure to write an Elder! If you want Elder Grossman's email address, leave a comment below and I can send it to you. He loves emails! :)

Pinterest Psychology 101

September 10, 2014

1. If I have to scroll 1-2 pages to get past the blast of pins you just pinned....there is most definitely something up. If it's a batch of engagement, wedding, or baby related pins then you were just SEARCHING for those things. You didn't just happen upon them on your main feed. This helps me to conclude that you're about to be engaged/married/a parent...or getting a new hairstyle. Don't think you're fooling anyone! We all see you pinning this stuff at 2am!!

2. The type of jokes you pin to your "Funny" board says a lot about you. Bathroom humor? Sarcasm? Cutesy? Grumpy cat? You name it, the type of pins you put on your humor board determine whether or not we could be friends in real life. Or if I do know you in real life, whether or not I want to be friends with you...

3. If you had a spare $5,000 kickin' around...I now know what you'd spend it on. How creepy that I'd be able to pick out exactly where you'd choose to vacation, what swimsuit you'd buy, how you would braid your hair, and which beach you'd be on the entire time.

4. If you have over 10 boards and over 10,000 may just be a pin-hoarder. *Guilty as charged* I get you, pin all the inspirational pins!!

5. I may not know you, but I'm pretty sure I could make a Psych Profile just on your pins. Lemme're a 3rd grade teacher, LDS, have a small but respectable blog, want to dress minimalist like post-baby Sydney from The Daybook, but look as posh as Rach from Pink Peonies on her pre-fame budget, you're learning to do those 5 various braids that look as difficult as Algebra 2, and how to do that new yoga/crossfit routine, while also trying to make family crock-pot meals to freeze for the next know, to save you some time ;)