The Story of the Lost Montana Pictures

April 16, 2014
Once upon a time we got married in June of 2011, then later that summer had a reception in Ryan's hometown in Montana. We had some pictures taken of us at Ryan's family ranch by a old local photographer who promised to give us a cd of all the digital pictures. When the pictures were finally available, she had them on her website and wanted us instead to pay upwards of $15 per print. Ummmm, ya. Not happening, this isn't the 80's anymore. 

She couldn't understand why we didn't just buy the pictures through her site, and I explained to her it's because we would like the digital copies instead so I could print and use them in my home. We had sparse communication since that summer, and finally this past January I decided that I WILL get those pictures. Especially since they are our memories, and have absolutely no meaning to her. I emailed her again pretty much demanding the cd with our pictures, seeing as how she had already been paid well for her services. We weren't going to pay her ridiculous prices to have her print and snail mail them from Montana.

I'm sure she finally got sick of me because right before Valentines we received a cd in the was our pictures! I was so excited to finally have them after almost 2 and a half years. Of course the woman smacked her "watermark" big as day in the middle of every picture. She went through every single one of the 85 pictures and strategically placed her name in thick black font on each picture. I was fuming...all I wanted these for was to display them in my home and share with family. Which is what I told her, but I'm sure she was bitter about not getting an extra payday with each print. 

Thankfully, I have smart techie friends who told me of some programs that would be able to take off the font and voila! Now I can finally enjoy these pictures. I'm so excited to finally be able to print and display them on my gallery wall :) Moral of the story, find photographers that you know and trust! 

Alexa Z Design iPhone Case

April 14, 2014
Remember when I was raving about these LDS temple prints made by Alexa? Well, she has stolen my heart again with a new line of fun iPhone cases! I picked this blue striped one because I'm super is my favorite color if you couldn't already tell from my whole house and wedding being blue :) 

Alexa Z Design offers adorable iPhone 5/5s case options that are sturdy, which is great for clumsy me! These colors and designs are absolutely perfect for summer, especially if you feel that usual itch to change up your entire life when the weather warms up ;)

Head on over and say hi to Alexa, because not only is she super talented {evidenced by her Etsy shop}... but she has an adorable little girl Ellie along with a bright & happy life that she loves to share with others through her blog He and I

Going Pattern Crazy

April 13, 2014

This past week has been a complete whirlwind, between school and an insane thunderstorm last night...I'm ready for it to be summer! I loved this outfit because of all the crazy pattern mixing going on: stripes, floral, polka dots and topped off with some cute bows! By the way, these wedges from Shoedazzle are amazing. They are comfy, the heel is relatively low, and they're a great basic to add to my spring/summer wardrobe. Aka you need to get some for yourself ;)

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