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How to: Take Care of Your Nails After Gels

July 26, 2016
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I have been lovin' on gel nails for the longest time, but they take a toll on my nails! Some times I'm not good about removing the gels properly and taking care of my nails afterwards, which does further damage. I picked up the Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment and Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil from my local CVS store to start my after-gels nail care routine. Below is how to remove gel nails with inflicting the least amount of damage, and then a "polish break" nail care tutorial. 

1. Put acetone on a cotton ball, place on nail, then wrap in foil
I used a basic acetone I had on hand, then placed the soaked cotton ball on my nail to then wrap in pieces of kitchen foil. I needed to get some help doing my second hand, but then I can let them all soak at the same time! 

2. Let all your nails soak for 5-10 minutes
The longer you leave them on, the easier it is to peel off the gel polish. Although, I got a bit restless after 5 minutes and decided to take off my foiled tips :)

3. Start peeling and chipping off gel coat 
This is the part where you need to be careful. You won't want to dig into your nail when trying to take off the gel polish because it will cause some serious damage! Make sure to grab a gentle tool or even use your other fingers to get right underneath the polish and peel upwards.

4. Sand down the rest of the gel off the nail & wipe with acetone
I used a fine grain nail file to sand down the gel residue, then I cleaned up the nail with a quick cotton wipe of acetone.

5. Prepare your cuticles by pushing back the nail bed gently and clip off stray cuticles
Use a tool to push back your cuticles softly, then clip off the stray cuticle skin around the nail to make sure you have a clean canvas!

6. Use Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil on nail and massage into nail bed
Brush this onto nail and nail bed to stimulate nail growth, moisturize, and care for dry brittle nails. This natural oil complex has vitamin E, wheat germ, apricot kernel, aloe, and panthenol which conditions cuticles. This is exactly what my dry nails need!

7. Rinse off excess oil with soap
Since I'll be applying a polish after using the Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil, then I'll rinse off my hands with soap and water to make sure the oil doesn't interfere with the polish. 

I want a natural look until I get my next gel set, but want to care for my nails in the meantime. That's why I love this Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment since it serves as the following for my nails: top coat, base coat, growth treatment, strengthener, ridge-filler, brightener, and ultra-moisturizing nail treatment. Crazy awesome and efficient! 

It helps in restoring dry nails to a healthier and more beautiful set of tips in 3 days! The shine lasts up to 10 days and has the following ingredients to make my nails even more moisturized and healthy: avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract, and calcium which fills in ridges. 

9. Enjoy beautifully clean nails and nail beds! 

How do you care for your nails when they need a "polish break"? How would you use the Sally Hansen Complete 7-in-1 Nail Treatment?

#NSale Affordable Fall Picks

July 19, 2016
While I love Nordstrom, some of their items can get a litttle bit pricey. I have a pretty tight budget so I only pick items that are going to have a great cost-per-wear. I'll spend a little more on a pair of boots if it means I'll be wearing them multiple times a week and for a few seasons. All of these items are affordable (other than the OTK boots haha) and on my wish-list for when the public #NSale goes live this Friday!

Headbands of Hope

July 16, 2016

Headbands of Hope is a business where every headband purchased there is one given to a child with cancer. Since 2012 they have donated headbands to every children's hospital in the United States, which is amazing

They reached out to me asking if I would share their message by showing a headband that you can purchase today! Check out their website and snag a one for yourself :)

Headband c/o Headbands of Hope
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