Breezy Days

Simple Summer Recipes

July 22, 2014
I'll be honest, I'm not one who enjoys cooking...but I do enjoy eating :) I gravitate towards recipes that are simple, easy, and delicious. The least amount of effort, best kind of ingredients like at Fine Food Specialist, with the most delicious result is my kind of cooking.  Which is why most of my Recipe Pinterest Board is comprised of simple yet tasty recipes! Here's a compilation of some easy summer-y recipes I'm excited to try! 

My stomach is grumbling just looking at this! Fruity deserts just scream summertime because they are so lightweight and tasty! 

I've been trying to use our grill as much as possible before the summer comes to a close, and this salmon kebab would be a perfect recipe to test out!

How can you go wrong with fruit, cheesecake, and a sugar cookie? The answer is, you can't. Not one bit.

While this is probably more of a cold-weather recipe, I feel like it is worthy for this list because it's mini size! Just throw all the ingredients into bowl, mix it up, and toss it in the Pillsbury roll cups. Quick and easy!

Anything with avocado in it and I'm game. My best friend Alexa has made this recipe a couple of times for potluck parties and Ryan just eats this with a spoon. It's a great cold dip to make during these hot summer months!

In the Forest

July 21, 2014
These pants are seriously my favorite because of how dang comfortable they are and the fact that I'm not suffocating in them with this heat. I've been telling everyone I know to get them, that's just shows how OBSESSED I am!! So I'm telling you now that you need these pants.

Anywho, summer is starting to wind down which means I'm going to have to start the job hunt again. My plan is to start something after my family trip to Montana in mid-August, to avoid looking like a dork by getting a job now then asking for a week off. I'm a tad gun shy about finding a new job because my last one was a complete disaster, but I'm hoping that something will fall in my lap (after much searching) that'll fit what I need/want.

In the meantime I'm doing some piecework here and there to make some extra cash until I face the reality of working full-time. GULP. Who knows, I might be in school again this time next year?! I'll wait until I'm starting to miss school before I hop on that bandwagon again ;)

Photography: Mandy from Thimble & Thistle 
Necklace: Jane
Bracelet: InPink
Linen Pants: American Eagle
Shoes: Ross

I've Got Trust Issues

July 19, 2014

Meeting new people is an interesting experience; because you can decide within a few minutes of talking whether or not you'll get along with them. I've found that while first impressions aren't always the best indicator of who that person is, it helps me get a feel of what they're about. Therefore, my list of people I don't know I can "trust" because we aren't on the same page about some pretty important things ;)

// Women with long toe nails.
Sick nasty much? Cut those things STAT/ASAP.

// People who cut the fat off of their steak.
That's THE BEST PART. A little bit of fat, a little bit of steak. Yummmm

// Those who don't like Tangled.
The height of adorable-Disney-princess-ness, an great story, and a talented cast. Plus Mandy Moore & Zachary Levi's voices? PERFECTION. Itso facto, you have no heart if you don't like Tangled.

// Girls who wear booty shorts, jewelry, a full face of makeup & have their hair down at the gym.
Girl. You're not really working out if you're not sweating like a pig. In fact, if you were actually sweating you'd definitely have your hair up in a ponytail.

// People who don't think that thick leggings/jeggings are a legitimate pant option.
If this is you? You're missing out on some serious life-changing comfort. Your loss.

// People who don't like Harry Potter and/or reading.
So you're "above" pretending to live in a fictitious wizarding realm? And you don't like to escape the real world for a spell to read intriguing and educating stories? No DUH I don't trust you.

// Couples who post their entire love life on social media.
Your love is still legitimate if it's offline my friends. I promise you. Unless you're being catfished, then's probably not legit.

// People who don't like hot chocolate.
How can you NOT like chocolate? Life FAIL.

// Girls who don't like shopping.
I mean you don't have to love it, but to not like it?? It's a little over the top, if you ask me.

// People of my generation having no knowledge of basic pop culture.
Where have you been living? Under a stupid rock?