Breezy Days

The Job Search is Over + Fall Floral

October 21, 2014
After a lot of searching...I finally found a job! Actually, the job kind of found me. Over a month ago I found a tweet with the hashtag #ProvoJobs about a job position, I tweeted saying that I was interested but then received word back that it had already been filled. Last week I received a tweet saying that a different position had opened up and they would like to schedule an interview if I was interested. 

After walking into DevMountain then having the interview, I knew I would be perfect for the Executive Assistant job and that I could do a lot of great work there. Even though I felt as if I'd rocked the interview, I still prayed & crossed my fingers that it would work out. Within a couple days the job was offered and I accepted! I had my first day of work yesterday, and I can't even express how blessed I feel. Thank you for all the love & support! It's so crazy to think that after all those months of job searching on KSL listings that I'd end up with one via Twitter :)

On another note, this Pink Blush dress is the comfiest thing EVER. I had so many compliments when I wore it to church on Sunday. Usually I change out of my church clothes as soon as I hit the door but I kept this number on while I cooked dinner and picked up the house. Yes, it's that comfy.

These Prismera pavé earrings and "U" necklace work perfectly with the rest of my go-to delicate gold jewelry. I've been wearing them everyday since I picked them up from the mailbox. Such beautiful pieces that I know will quickly become part of my go-to favorites!! 

Spooky Skulls

October 20, 2014
I love the fun spookiness of Halloween! Ryan grew up in Hispanic culture and is (still) afraid the coocooey is gonna come out and snatch him at night haha. Which means I have to stick to cutesy Halloween decor and leave the really spooky stuff to our front porch! Poor Ryan ;)

I'll take any opportunity to get into the Halloween spirit, so I snagged this skull skirt and was super excited when Made by Jewls gave me these adorable bat earrings! is giving you the chance to win $100 in daily prize giveaways or a grand $3,000 prize until October 31st with their Halloween Creepstakes! Who doesn't need some extra cash to stash away for the upcoming holidays? also has an adorable online magazine that features Halloween Ideas on The Good Stuff; such as Halloween kid treats, costumes inspired by TV shows, and simple spooky crafts. It's such a fun online place to search for cute holiday inspired crafts and treats! I'll definitely be referring back to The Good Stuff for last minute costumes and fun treat ideas for my upcoming Halloween parties!

Bat Button Earrings c/o Made by Jewls
Wedges: Shoedazzle (old)
Necklace: LA Fashion District

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Being a Basic Fall Girl

October 16, 2014
Can I just be completely basic and express how much I love fall? Sweaters, boots, tweed, tights...the whole shebang is pretty awesome. On a completely unrelated note, I just finished helping to throw a bloggers night out with The Mouse Trap Truck tonight and it was a hit! Besides the business aspect of throwing blogger parties, I thoroughly enjoy seeing bloggers enjoy each others company. Isn't that what this weirdo blogger world is about? Connecting? 

Just wanted to toot my horn a bit and say that I'm glad everyone had such a great time. Other people being happy makes me extremely happy! Plus I love making blogger business connections with awesome store owners in Provo, yet another thing that makes my heart sing! On to a full weekend of blogger events, can't wait to have more excuses to hang out with some of my favorite people :)

Kisstleberry Necklace c/o Kisstletoe
Wire Bangles c/o Down to the Wire NOLA
Boots: Shoedazzle