Breezy Days

UNPLUGGED // A phone free networking event

May 26, 2015
Location: Sodalicious @ The Village Apartments (602 N 600 E Provo, UT)

Does anyone even remember the last time you didn't have a glowing screen in front of your face? Whether that be a smart phone, laptop, tv, or iPad...I constantly have one burning into my eyeballs! DevMountain is sponsoring this event: Unplugged/A Phone Free Networking Event, where you check in your phones at the door and get some much needed human interaction!

Come for a free Sodalicious soda, live music, face-to-face communication with rad locals, and to chill with a boa constrictor...for serious! 

Learning to Surf in Hanalei Bay

May 24, 2015
My first time EVER surfing was in Hanalei Bay! We had lessons by this awesome surfer dude, and it was a gorgeous day to be out in the ocean. The scenery was breathtaking :)

The first few times I got up on the surfboard too fast, and fell down. After that I listened to the instructor who kept on telling me to relaaaaxxxx, I started to get the hang of it! Nothing like learning how to surf in Kaua'i!

Poipu Beach

May 20, 2015
One of our more "relax" days we hit up Poipu beach where the water was a beautiful 3 shades of blue and there was this fun rock jetty going out into the ocean. I ordered this romper from Asos and it was one of my favorite vacation purchases. I wore it ALL the time during the trip! It was flowy, lightweight, and I could throw it on over a swimsuit and go out to eat.

Another favorite that I picked up for Hawaii were my Rainbow sandals. I've never owned a pair before, which is shocking since practically everyone in my high school had some. I got mine from Flip Flop Shops in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, UT where they had a ton of options. 

It took me a while to break them in, but once I did they were amazing! They can withstand all the wear and tear from sweat, sand, ocean, water, climbing on rocks, and everything else I put them through. Gosh, these pictures make me want to hop another plane right back there! :)

Braided one-piece swimsuit: Victoria's Secret
Rainbow sandals c/o Flip Flop Shops (Fashion Place Mall in UT)
Backpack: Target
Sunglasses: Anthropologie