Breezy Days: Adorable Christmas DIY Decorations


November 26, 2012

Adorable Christmas DIY Decorations

Here is a short list of the DIY Christmas decorations that I am dying to try!
{Of course they were all found on Pinterest, but I linked up the original sources}
These burlap stockings are adorable and it's an excuse to whip out my sewing machine :)

I have a couple of vases that need filling with some Christmas cuteness.
I am planning on picking up some paper flowers from Hobby Lobby and then filling in the arrangement  with these glitter twigs!

3. Christmas Yard Lollipops
Put a PVC pipe in the bottom, wrap with cellophane, and line your walkway or driveway with these.

This is something I've been wanting to do for forever!
The theme I go for with my Christmas decorations is a Candyland feel.
Lots of candy, bright reds, pinks, and blues all throughout the house!

Such a simple & adorable countdown to Christmas!
I would put some candies and mini presents in those 'lil packages :)

Finally, these trees are to die for.
The base is made from a cereal box!
I guess I need to start buying and eating more cereal to make these...
If you have a link to any cute & cheap Christmas DIYs, leave it in the comments!


Michelle said...

Love these decorations! I need to start decorating.

Bunny_Girl_Blog said...

Got to get my Christmas decoration up too!


Danielle@takingnotesc2c said...

I love all of those decorating ideas! So pretty.

Courtney Ramsey said...

Those stockings are so precious! I love the bow one!

Xo, Courtney