Breezy Days: Thanksgiving Bits


November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Bits

Ryan & I were down in St. George for Thanksgiving and had a blast!
My aunt April seriously makes the most BOMB food ever.
And my dad makes a mean deep-fried turkey and stuffing.

One of my favoritest cousins ever! So glad I got to see Zannie before she jetted off back home to Vegas.

My youngest brother Jesse had surgery about a week and a half ago on his knee.
He tore his ACL and meniscus while playing basketball a couple months ago.
He has been so dang optimistic and such a trooper!
I totally admire him :)
And he was so stoked to ride the Wal-Mart carts!
{And yes, that is my other brother, Evan, in the back being a creepster on my pic}

The line for Target on Black Friday in St. George.
Totally nuts!!
I would have to say that Target did a really good job at organizing the lines on Black Friday.
I picked up a Christmas table cloth, two sweaters, seasons 1-4 of Mad Men, and two candles.
So stoked to start on my Christmas decorating!!! :)
Aren't you?!

P.S. Thanks so much for the feedback on yesterday's post! 
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KevinKyla Ford said...

i am seriously keeping my fingers crossed that Jesse and my sister Haley meet up sometime down the future ;) i COULD really LOVE having you in the family! xoxo

Kelly said...

You and your cousin could be sisters! Love your blog! xoxo -K

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