Breezy Days: Conceited or High Self-Esteem?


November 21, 2012

Conceited or High Self-Esteem?

This is the second outfit from my California trip last week.
{First one posted here}
I kept with the orange, cream and cognac combo and loooved it!

Side note, is it ok to say that I love this outfit on me?
Conceited? Or just a high self-esteem? ;)
Potatoe-potato right?

Another side note, I finally ventured in to Old Navy {first time in YEARS after I boycotted it in middle school because all the clothing had the logo emblazoned across the chest and the clothes kept on shrinking in the wash} and found this dress for five bucks people.
Ryan said I should probably tell my readers about it, cause women will be wayyyy more excited about a five dollar find than any man will.
And yes, I bought it a week ago and I'm still talking about it.
So I and point?
Another sidenote to my previous sidenotes,
poor Ryan is determined to find a Turkey Bowl game going on in St. George tomorrow.
If you are in the area and know of one, let me know!!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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Love this look and the pattern on the dress :)