Breezy Days: friday's letters


November 2, 2012

friday's letters

Dear Halloween,
I had so much fun decorating for you!
But now it's time to decorate for Thanksgiving.
Honestly, it's not as fun to decorate with turkeys as it is to decorate with spiders :)

Dear Illness,
Omg, I finally was able to somewhat sleep last night!
First time in a week.
Hurry up and go away so I can get back to real life.
Dear Snake,
You scared the holy crap out of the adults but the children loved you.
Seriously petting and hugging you.
This doesn't make sense!
Now you are stuffed in a corner because Ryan practically screeches everytime he sees you.
Dear Holiday Hours At the Mall,
You are looking brutal!
At least I'll be getting lotsa hours this season?

Dear Hair & Lack of Eyebrows,
Stop giving me grief, I'll get you taken care of next week!
This whole greasy hair and no eyebrows bit is getting old right quick.
Dear School,
I promise I'll get better, and go to class.
Ridiculous senior-itus going on here.



Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

That snake is terrifying! Good job haha :)
I love that you go all out for decorating!

Katia said...

Ohhh gahd - I would MUCH prefer to decorate with turkeys than spiders - major arachnophobia right here ahah! Regardless your house looks super cute all decorated like that! So festive!


Bridgette Balkman Wensel said...

Your house is so decorated for Halloween! I LOVE it! :) Come get my house all festive next year!


Monica Carpenter said...

Uh is that a you and Ryan decoration that I see!?!? In a wedding dress and suit?! You have got to tell me where you got that, that's the cutest thing I have EVER seen!