Breezy Days: Busy Bee


November 27, 2012

Busy Bee

Tomorrow is going to be insane!
+ Class @ 9:30am {don't scoff, that is early for me!}
+ Choir Performance @ 11:00am
+ Lunch Date @11:30am
+ Class @1:30-3pm
+ Hopefully going to the gym or cleaning the house
+ Work from 6-10:30pm
+ Then finally a Francesca's Girl's Night Out at the movies & Yogurtland
{Btw, I felt so creative pairing the chartreuse top with the navy sweater! Wahooo!}

It's a busy day ahead, but definitely a productive & fun one!
Been off of the goods for 3 months, 
but I might have to break my Diet Coke fast to stay awake all day tomorrow...


Courtney said...

Looooove this outfit! Well actually, I love all of your outfits haha.

Kallee Mae said...

Sounds like a fun and busy day!! You look darling!

Esther McClure said...

Wow! My college-student-self-of-not-too-long-ago is definitely jealous of you if that's what you call busy. But, of course, I was single, addicted to Starbucks, and working two jobs. You're married, which I'm sure makes it much harder to have other commitments all day, and you're using all your own energy to accomplish things. Bravo! (It's totally okay to borrow some energy from a Diet Coke if you need to, though...)
PS - totally noticed your creativity with that sweater/shirt combo on the Thanksgiving post and made a mental note to try those colors together sometime. It's quite a lovely combination!

Anonymous said...
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Michaela said...

How cute! love the colors!!