Breezy Days: blogger's beauty night out


November 12, 2012

blogger's beauty night out

This past Saturday I was invited to Gentri Lee's Blogger's Beauty Night Out at her new salon!
She just graduated with her Masters in Esthetics & is looking to get her name out there in the SLC/Provo/Orem areas!!

It was a blast meeting some of my fave Utah bloggers in person and chattin' up a storm.
I carpooled with my blogger BFF Kyla, we narfed down some Cafe Rio then made our way over to the par-tay where we had a BLAST the whole night!
A long time coming...finally got to meet Gentri in real life!!
I was a total nerd & full on attacked her with a hug, I was excited to say the least!
Gentri workin' her make-up magic on SueAnn.
Can't wait to use my gift card that I won in the raffle for a facial from Gentri!! :)
Myself, Kyla, Katie, & Amanda chillin' in the snack room!
The scrumptious snack table, I brought a brownie home and woke up the next morning to find that it had been demolished by the husband.
I can't wait 'till the next blogger meet-up,
 hands down the best one I've been to so far :)

Thanks to our sponsors for making this blogger meet-up happen!


Cecilia (Dearest Lou) said...

It was nice seeing you again on Saturday (:


Liv said...

So nice to meet you Bri! And I promise I won't judge you for accidentally becoming a BYU/Utah stereotype. It happens to the best of us ;)

SueAnn Taylor said...

You girls are all so cute!! It was so fun to meet you all and get introduce to so many fun blogs!!

Jessica said...

What a blast! And you are so cute, my dear!

Meg Henning said...

you met up with so many great bloggers!! how lucky are you

Jessi said...

It totally was the best! Such a fun night. Good to meet you!!


Jessica Lawson said...

Oh I love Gentri Lee's blog, and this is a blogger meetup I would have liked to attend! You guys are so adorable! -Jessica L