Breezy Days: Road Trip Gone Rogue


November 20, 2012

Road Trip Gone Rogue

{Our rental 'stang for the weekend}

This past Thursday morning we drove south on the 15 freeway towards So-Cal for our mini vacation we have had planned for months, 
when Ryan & I hear this really weird puttering going on in his car.
We pull over and try driving it on the shoulder to see if it kept making that that noise.
Didn't sound good!

I hopped on the phone with AAA, got our car towed to the Beaver mechanic shop and had it looked at.
Ummm, ya.
The freaking engine blew. 
Worst nightmare right?

I really tried being optimistic.
For those who don't know Utah...Beaver is literally in the middle of NOWHERE.
The closest city was an hour away, Cedar City.
We hop on the phone to get a rental.
Only one rental place, Avis, has one rental car left in it's lot...and they refuse to come pick us up.
{Chillin' in the convertible}

That's when I was about to rip someones head off.
Thankfully one of the mechanics took pity on us and drove us to Cedar City.

By this point I was seething.
A red eyed, fire breathing, starving BEEZY MONSTER.
I stomp into the rental place and ask:
"What the hell do I have to do to get a car and leave?"

After the many phone calls with them while we were stuck in Beaver,
 they had neglected to tell us about their insurance policy.
Flaming idiots I tell you.

Finally we get it figured out, and we end up with the last rental in Cedar City.
A red convertible Mustang.
Hmmm ya. I'll take it.
It was seriously a blast rip roaring around in that thing.
{Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen in Brea. SO AMAZING}
{Evan's call to Villahermosa, Mexico!}

We got in late Thursday night and was greeted by family and homemade chili.
Friday we spent with our friend Cody, then went out to dinner with my best friend Sam and her boyfriend, then opened up my brothers mission call...

Evan was so excited!
He wanted to serve a foreign mission and to speak another language, preferably Spanish.
I got to get crackin' on my Spanish now!!
{Before we got rained on at the USC/UCLA game}
{The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA}

Saturday we finally got to our game....
Ya, until we lost!
Even though we lost, were rained on more than half the game, saw a huge brawl fight only a few seats away from us, there were scary Mexicans trying to pick a fight with Ryan cause he is buff, and practically smoked pot just by the smelling it...this was definitely a way fun experience!!
Totes scrapbook worthy.

 It was Ryan's first college football game other than a BYU game and
 he practically wet his pants when we first laid eyes on the Rose Bowl.
Definitely worth it :)
Can't wait for next year when we will absolutely DOMINATE UCLA!!
Early Sunday morning we started making our way back to good ole Provo, Utah because I had a test at 9am Monday morning {lame!}.
For as stressful the car situation was, I totally forgot about it when I was with all my family & ripping around in the Mustang with Ryan and the top down.
Now it's time for another mini-vacay toooo St. George for Thanksgiving!
Leaving tomorrow {Wednesday} then coming back Friday morning for work.

Black Friday. Working in the mall...
Now that oughta be a day full of stories.

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Brooke said...

Ugh car repair stories are NEVER fun. But on the bright side, it looks like the rest of your trip was super fun! Also, that lipstick color does wonders for you.