Breezy Days: a berry smoothie in the morning


November 8, 2012

a berry smoothie in the morning

Since Ryan & I are trying to eat healthier by eating more homemade meals, fruits, veggies, and smaller portions...this smoothie is the perfect "blend" of it all!
{Bahaha, so punny}
It's super easy, pretty dang cheap, and makes me feel all healthy and good inside.
Such a good start to my morning because with only half of my cup filled, my whole stomach is now stuffed with berry yogurt deliciousness!
-2 scoops of Honey Greek Yogurt
-Around a half cup of milk
-1 to 2 cups of frozen assorted berries

You can alter this recipe to fit your fancy! 
You can add: probiotic supplements, honey, cinnamon, other frozen fruits, or anything else you can think of!

-Let the frozen berries thaw out a bit, then throw all the ingredients in the blender
-Blend everything together and voila! Enjoy!
Enjoy your smoothie!


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

What kind of Greek yogurt do you use? My fave GY is ZOI from the Winco !!! IT'S SO GOOD and actually the honey flavor is my fave!

Courtney said...

Add some vanilla protein powder and I bet you'd feel even better and it would keep you super full =)