Breezy Days: the lakers game


November 13, 2012

the lakers game

Early last week Ryan & I were just doing some homework, minding our own business,
 when I distracted myself with Facebook {because that never happens},
 and stumbled across a post about some cheap Jazz/Lakers tickets that our friends had found and they were looking for some company to go with.
We're totally in!
Wednesday night we made our way up to Salt Lake in our BOMB Lakers gear,
 grabbed some food, and made it to our seats. 
Of course we are stuck near some Jazz fans that were drunk out of their minds and they cheered at the stupidest of things. 
To keep from offending too many Utah-ites....
I'll just say that I have nothing nice to say about the scary Jazz fans that I've come across at the Energy Solutions Stadium in SLC.
That is all :)
After all our cheering and yelling...our Lakers lost :(
It was seriously the most heartbreaking thing ever!!!
I'm blaming it all on Dwight Howard!
The man can't sink a free throw shot to save his life.
Still a good night out with friends and with the husband!
You know what date I'm excited for?
The USC game this weekend at the Rose Bowl in So-Cal....


Cecilia (Dearest Lou) said...

Haha oh my gosh you are too funny! I'm personally not a lakers fan but you look adorable in your sports attire (;


Elizabeth said...

Dear Bri, I WANT YOUR HAIR!! Love, Elizabeth PS Did you get the giftcard???? let me know!! PPS I do all my buttons/advertising via Passion Fruit and have all the info on my Advertise page, so lets swap it up baby!! ;)

Kiana said...

Man. Okay, you guys are totally decked out with your Lakers stuff! That's awesome! And I'm majorly crushing on your hair... :)

Briseidy Tijerina said...

how fun! I would love to go to a basketball game someday :)