Breezy Days: May 2011


May 18, 2011

"Hold on, That Came Out a Little Country"

I've never been a huge fan of country. {To tell you the truth I absolutely detested it in high school}. I thought it was twangy, uncreative, and corny. Of course, as life has it, right when you start to settle into your ways....something or someone gets sent your way to change your mind.

Just my luck that I ended up with a guy who grew up in Texas & Montana. 

Now that I am madly and gushily in love, I listen to the corny/twangy/uncreative songs and my heart starts to beat fast and I find myself smiling. My manly country boy is everything that they sing about in these songs, and I love being reminded that he is mine.

My Favorites List 

-"Honeybee" by Blake Shelton
-"Mine" by Taylor Swift
-"I'm Still a Guy" by Brad Paisley
-"Breathe" by Michelle Branch
-"Then" by Brad Paisley
-"Just a Kiss" by Lady Antebellum

{ 12 days till I see him and 16 till we are together forever :) }

May 7, 2011

Anthro...the store, not the major.

The style of the wedding is based off a few of my favoritest things: Bruno Mars, Audrey Hepburn, and Anthropologie. And yes, I did spell it right for those who do not know of this AH-MAZING store.

Take a gander! You may the heck can anyone afford their clothes? After years of inspecting the store and it's patterns, I've learned one of their major secrets of success...practically EVERYTHING goes on sale. Be patient {which is already very difficult for me, but in this case it's worth it}, get to know the sales people at your nearest Anthro, woo them with your stunning personality {easy as cake}, then they will feel so inclined to not only tell you when the sales are, but even hold onto your dress of choice until you come and pay for it. The sale price I might add.
NEXT order of business. Audrey Hepburn. Epitome of grace, elegance, and quirkiness. My absolute favorite movie ever is My Fair Lady. {If you haven't seen this classic, go rent it. Now.} After I bought my dress, my mom was telling the cashier how Audrey Hepburn is an inspiration for the reception, and the manager then dropped her jaw. Why? Because Vera Wang was watching MY FAIR LADY when she designed the line for Davids Bridal! Coincidence? I think not.
Bruno Mars? Yes, the singer.  Ryan and I's song is "Marry you", and everytime I listen to this album my heart sinks because Ryan and I aren't together listening to it. Yes I'm being sappy and lame give me a break.

How does this all add up? Anthro gives the eclectic/vintage style, while Audrey Hepburn is classicly beautiful and always dressed to live up to her reputation, and finally Bruno Mars is jazzy R&B music that makes Ryan and I smile :)
Anthro inspired Bridal Shower courtesy of Carol and Amanda Strong, and Fran Piscitello :)
Outfit for the night! First time being dressed up since before the surgery.
 On the tin bucket below: "Rios Family Est. 2011", and that was an advice tree that people could hang their name and advice on.

May 2, 2011

The DL on Wedding Deets

For those who don't know my family, you must know that this is a HUGE feat! This has been a work in progress for about 3 years now and is now practically perfect in every way. {Name that movie!} Thanks to all the young men who were stuck at home for a couple months before their missions {Grant Myres, Tanner Holmes, Sean Deniston}, the Titan Temescal basketball team who gets sucked into helping everytime they hang out or sleepover here, to Ryan for helping to lay grass, to Joe Hughes for giving us light, and finally thanks to my brothers and parents who have literally built up that wall brick by brick. 
Photos and design all credit to the awesome Clark Goldsberry! I'm sure everyone who is reading this blog should be expecting this in the mail by this weekend.
This is the tie that all the groomsmen will be wearing, which is a tribute to Ryan's obsession with paisley and my favorite color blue. The colors are: whatever this blue shade should be named, black, ivory, and silver.

And I am totally not giving away my dress. You have to show up and see!