Breezy Days: The DL on Wedding Deets


May 2, 2011

The DL on Wedding Deets

For those who don't know my family, you must know that this is a HUGE feat! This has been a work in progress for about 3 years now and is now practically perfect in every way. {Name that movie!} Thanks to all the young men who were stuck at home for a couple months before their missions {Grant Myres, Tanner Holmes, Sean Deniston}, the Titan Temescal basketball team who gets sucked into helping everytime they hang out or sleepover here, to Ryan for helping to lay grass, to Joe Hughes for giving us light, and finally thanks to my brothers and parents who have literally built up that wall brick by brick. 
Photos and design all credit to the awesome Clark Goldsberry! I'm sure everyone who is reading this blog should be expecting this in the mail by this weekend.
This is the tie that all the groomsmen will be wearing, which is a tribute to Ryan's obsession with paisley and my favorite color blue. The colors are: whatever this blue shade should be named, black, ivory, and silver.

And I am totally not giving away my dress. You have to show up and see!

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