Breezy Days: On Losing Followers


April 9, 2012

On Losing Followers

Let me preface this whole post by saying:
A. I am not an insecure person whatsoever.
I have not ever had crippling self-esteem or insecurity issues.
 Which probably explains what I feel it's ok to say almost whatever is on my mind :)
B. I'm not expecting some whole "OhmygoshBri! Weloveyouuuu" validation.
I'm just writing what's on my mind.

And now that we have that out of the way, I'll get on with it :)

I don't know what it is....but every time I lose a follower, I almost feel a tiny bit sad!
I get to thinking:
"Did they get offended by what I wrote? Do they get upset at how I don't post on a schedule? Is it the picture quality or the set-up of my blog?"
 When someone stops following, it kinda give me a blehhh feeling in my stomach.
I put my heart into this blog because it is my creative outlet, it's about my life and what I enjoy.
So I start to feel like they don't like me as a person, as opposed to just not liking my blog content.
Does that make sense?
Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Ya, it kinda stinks.
On the other hand though, every time I have just one new follower, I get so excited!
Almost like a personal victory that "Yes! Someone other than my mom likes my pictures and writing!"
Then I check if that person left a comment, cause I totally looove reading them.
Dress: Francescas//Tank: American Eagle//Charm on necklace: Saressa Designs via Etsy//Sandals: Charlotte Russe//Purse: LA Fashion District

I get over my whole 2-minute pity party and go on to remind myself:
"Hey, I have 200+ friends that enjoy my rantings & outifts. That's gotta mean somethin!"
Then I don't feel sad anymore.

So, thank you for being my amigo :)

<3 Bri

--Question...when you comment on posts, would you like me to email/reply back? Or reply here on the post? Or just not reply at all?

--Read this post on Miss. Indie, it very much inspired this post.


katie said...

I love your blog so much!


Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

GURL I feel THE same way!! I've lost followers and it makes me sad because like you said,I spend time trying to be a good blogger and being creative. But it's like whatevs,their loss (; I love you and your blog. You rock.

lovelyxobsessions said...

you're so funny and yes I get that feeling too when i lose a follower sometimes it's because they expect a follow back ASAP and I don't know some people are just trying to gin followers and become popular and although that's nice it takes a lot more than that.

I have contact with great people through my blog and instagram and that means a whole lot more to me but when someone unfollows it can be a bit of a bummer :(

Keep doing what you do though, I love the dedication you put into your blog.

Amy said...

Don't fret about losing a follower. There could be several reasons why they stopped following, not just that they don't like what they are reading. :)

And I LOVE your bag in these pictures!

jules! ( said...

you're so cute. i feel the SAME way and it always happens to me. do what i do, tell yourself that the one follower you lost deleted their blog. lol.

keep on truckin' cause you're adorable

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

It's always hard to tell! You never know why someone stops reading/following. It could be so many things. However, I still read!

As for comments, I used to think that bloggers should really do their best to reply to all comments via e-mail. However, now that I don't want blogging to get in the way of my real life, I'm beginning to consider only replying to comments that really solicit a genuine response instead of a line or two or a "thanks for reading / glad you stopped by" reply. You know?

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Kate said...

i just started following you today, but from the posts i've read i would say you have nothing to worry about. your blog is darling. and now you have me to make up for whatever lame person decided to stop following. :)

Katia said...

Ouuu I know the feeling! I try to rationalize it by saying "Well Katia, you DO unfollow others sometimes when you just never read their blog anymore and your to-read list becomes cluttered! It means nothing about how 'good' they are!" But it still sucks, I'm glad youre taking a positive spin on it though ;)

And as for the pep talk you didn't want from us ;) I'm enjoying your blog and I'm stickin' around!!

Jan said...

Awww sorry about losing followers but you got people to who read pretty much everything on your blog anyway. :)

About the comments, I actually have the same questions but I prefer replying in emails because it's more personal you know? The only thing that gets me is that sometimes, some email notification comes from or something so I don't think they receive your reply :(


San said...

First of all, remind yourself that having 200 followers is huge (even though my GFC is gone now, I only had 130 when I could still easily see who's following me.

The thing is, that the most important people are the ones that interact with you on your blog... follower count is not as important as personal connections that you've made!

Of course, I get sad when people I follow don't follow me back or what have you, but in the end, a small following that you connect with is much better than random people you know nothing about! ;)

Kaytee Lauren said...

the comments on this post are too funny and most are too true! I love what Jules said because same! I do the same thing! I just assumed that if I actually lost a follower it was no personal effect on me.

In response to this post, I will again say what most of the commenters have already said. When you lose a follower its either because they really did delete their blog, they only followed you so you would follow them(lame in every aspect), or after following your blog they realize it doesn't fit their interest which really does happen but it's not to reflect what you write about.

We have all been there! It is sad losing a follower because it really does feel like they went out of their way to stop, but remember we have tons and tons of other bloggers who support you, including myself! I am a new followers! One lost- One gained.


Natalie said...


Akirah said...

It may sound silly, but I feel the same way. So no're reacting normally, I think. Anyway, I like your's so honest and bright. I like reading it...and I hope you like reading mine. :)

Lorena said...

I thought I was the only one who felt this way.
I know, i KNOW its silly but first thing that crosses my mind when I see the follower number decrease is: WHO WAS IT ? and then come the other questions... WHY ?
After a while you get use to it - or so at leas that's what i want to think.

Anonymous said...

It totally sucks losing blog followers! I Always wonder why/what reason, if the quality of my content is declining.

I usually hate when bloggers reply via email unless it's to initiate a conversation/start a friendship. Much prefer to read replies in the comment section of a post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I just lost a follower (of the handful that I have) and so your blog post made me feel less sad :)! I wish I could at least find out who it was so I could ask "hey, did you get offended by that picture of the dog underwater I posted?" I feel like I want an exit survey for people when they unfollow, just so I can use the constructive feedback if possible--- Maybe it can be set up so the unfollowers can check one and say
"I left because:
A. I don't like you (at least I'd know!)
B. Your blog sucks and makes me vomit in my mouth
C. I purchased sleeping pills so I don't need your blog anymore
D. I have other things going on E. I think you're great, I just have a problem with the term "follow"
F. I am moving to an island where there are no computers and can't follow your blog anyway :)!

Anyway, thanks so much for your blog post, you're a doll!

Vida said...

I know what you mean, when I lose a follower, it makes me think that people are not interested in my blog anymore. But it is the best when you get a new one!

Vida said...

I know what you mean, when I lose a follower, it makes me think that people are not interested in my blog anymore. But it is the best when you get a new one!