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April 18, 2012

Snippet Stories

You know what is sad though?
I left my hardest final for last....
Interior Design.

And no, I am NOT kidding.
I love how my Cognitive Development, Infant Development, and Communications finals haven't been as daunting as this dumb Interior Design final. 
It has been the most butt kicker class of my life.
You know when you get professors who WROTE the freaking textbook?
And they believe that absolutely everything in the book is important?
So they decide to race through every single concept there ever was on architecture and design?
Yup. That's been my life for the past 4 months every Tuesday and Thursday.
Taking the test tomorrow mornin', then I'm home freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

{My hair totes looked like poop in these pics, hence the whole missing of the face/head.. .I'm really digging this bright colors thing going on, woohoo for hot pink and mint!}
{Yup. My mom is the best.}
{The Oia Jules bracelet I won in a Keiko Lynn giveaway! Looove it! I felt so bad though, Elizabeth of Oia Jules accidentally sent my bracelet to the wrong address! Welp, I guess someone is enjoying their free bracelet.}
{New sparkly pink phone case. Yesssssssssss}
{My favoritest Mac&Cheese of all time, and I only like the way Ryan makes it. I didn't know this before...but he puts half a stick of butter in it when cooking. No wonder it's amazing.}
{Whenever I wear this skirt, I feel like I should be a part of a gypsy band, the Funke Family Band, or an extra in "Ever After"}
{We went to Ryan's mission buddy's house for Sunday lunch, Kyle Olsen and his wife Ashley. The Olsen's are freaking awesome! And Kyle made these amazing looking & tasting potato skins. Yummmmm}

I'm heading to So-Cal this weekend to hopefully get my braces off {!!!}, and to take a mini vacay before Ryan and I jump into summer jobs.
AKA, lots of gorgeous pics, and 80 degree weather.

<3 Bri


The Nay Family said...

Funke Family Band... :). That's why you are the funniest! Glad your finals are almost done and hope to see you at church this Sunday!

Nikole said...

Whatever! Your hair doesn't have the ability to look bad! It's super long and a gorgeous color! Have fun in California :)

Anonymous said...

love that bracelet!

Jess said...

Mint & pink together = perfection!

Also, cracking up over the text with your Mom...awesome!

Happy Wednesday, Bri :)

sweetwahine said...

Good Luck on you test!! <3

JCline said...

Good luck one your last test!! Your almost there!!!! I looove the sparkly pink phone case.

Alexis @ ChristianWifeStyle said...

Hope the last final goes well!

And geez, the mac n' cheese and potatoes skins look so good!