Breezy Days: Floating Blackfoot River


August 29, 2014

Floating Blackfoot River

After relaxing at the hot springs, the next day we made our way towards Missoula which is where Ryan's aunt & uncle live! They were so nice to not only host us in their home, but to take us rafting down Blackfoot River. 

Uncle Terry made enough sandwiches for the whole crew and Cousin Caroline made some pretty amazing chocolate chip zucchini bread, YUM. If you couldn't' tell already, we've eaten pretty dang well this entire trip ;)

Ryan pulled me into the river and it was COLD. Luckily it was still sunny out when he dunked me because part of the time it rained, so I dried off pretty quick! I helped paddle on the raft while Jesse tried out both the kayak and raft. It was about a 4 hour float, and it was SO much fun!! Later that night we went shooting (my first time!), ate some delish  pizza, then got a good nights sleep before our flight the next day. Thanks Terry & Delaine for hosting us! :)

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