Breezy Days: UT--->CA--->MT


August 23, 2014


This week I have been Instagramming hardcore (if you haven't noticed) because there is very rare service/reception throughout Montana. Plus I figured I could give you the down-low when I returned. So here I am, down-lowing it up ;) Ryan, Jesse, and myself drove from UT down to CA a week ago from Friday and spent a couple days hangin' out in good ole SoCal until embarking on the first family trip that we've had in a looooong time.  

We do lots as a family, but it's mostly trading off traveling between SoCal or Provo to be with one another. This was our first destination trip since I was in 8th grade and we all went to Cancun (obviously sans Ryan...cause that would be awks). Crazy! My dad is a huge outdoorsy guy and with Ryan being from Montana we thought it'd be fun to check out the best his home state has to offer. 

We flew out of LAX, which is a scary busy airport btw, and flew on a crowded Allegiant plane to reach our destination at Glacier Airport in Kalispell. We were starving once we got off the plane! During our trip Urbanspoon was heaven sent, we found so many delicious places to eat in whatever city we were in! While Ryan recommended Second Street Pizza in Whitefish, many of the other places we ate were solely based off Urbanspoon percentage ratings.

With how massive the pizzas were and the delicious crust, our hunger was quickly taken care of! I loved how quaint and homey the restaurant felt, because you could tell the workers recognized a majority of the customers coming in. I guess this is what a small town feels like!

I swear the entire trip there was always at least ONE person in our group wearing some form of BYU gear, which was hilarious because random people would ask "Oh, are you LDS? That's cool." Then they'd smile and walk off! Random. Also, just check out the scenery in the pic below. Gorgeous much?! After pizza we started heading towards our hotel just a few minutes away, but I'll save all that jazz for the next post! Nice to be back my friends :)

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the slippers! love it ;)
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