Breezy Days: The Mouse Trap Truck Blogger's Night Out


October 27, 2014

The Mouse Trap Truck Blogger's Night Out

One of my first visits to the Provo Food Truck Roundup I tried out The Mouse Trap Truck's grilled cheese sandwiches and fell in love. A few weeks ago I talked to the owner Dave about hosting a bloggers night out, and he was all for it! 

Most bloggers parties are about the glitz and glam, which isn't a bad thing at all because I love having an excuse to get gussied up! Though, I felt like it was time for a low-key bloggers night where we could talk, and have a good time with our friends over some amazing food. Leggings, sweaters, and topknots were encouraged! 

^^ Dave being awesome and hanging up adorable lights!

We got to sample Mouse Trap's most popular sandwiches and they are literally TO DIE FOR. My favorite is the Odd Father, hands down! The Nutell-Yeah is a close runner-up :)

Thank you SO MUCH to The Mouse Trap Truck (Dave, Skyler, Hannah, Brenna, and Brinley) for making this such a fun night! And everyone, make sure to snag an amazing sandwich next time you see this cute yellow & white striped truck scootin' around Utah Valley :)


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

So fun! I am so there next time.

Aubrey said...

thanks so much for planning such a fun night. the glitzy glam nights are really fun too, but sometimes it's nice to be a little more comfy and relaxed.

Anna Grossman said...

The food looks dee-lish! How do you limit to just one sandwich?

น้องส้มส้ม said...

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Varinder Singh Kattad Fan of Babbu Maan said...
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