Breezy Days: Being a Basic Fall Girl


October 16, 2014

Being a Basic Fall Girl

Can I just be completely basic and express how much I love fall? Sweaters, boots, tweed, tights...the whole shebang is pretty awesome. On a completely unrelated note, I just finished helping to throw a bloggers night out with The Mouse Trap Truck tonight and it was a hit! Besides the business aspect of throwing blogger parties, I thoroughly enjoy seeing bloggers enjoy each others company. Isn't that what this weirdo blogger world is about? Connecting? 

Just wanted to toot my horn a bit and say that I'm glad everyone had such a great time. Other people being happy makes me extremely happy! Plus I love making blogger business connections with awesome store owners in Provo, yet another thing that makes my heart sing! On to a full weekend of blogger events, can't wait to have more excuses to hang out with some of my favorite people :)

Kisstleberry Necklace c/o Kisstletoe
Wire Bangles c/o Down to the Wire NOLA
Boots: Shoedazzle 


Unknown said...

I love that skirt on you!!! Looking beautiful as always!!


Unknown said...
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