Breezy Days: Pinterest Psychology 101


September 10, 2014

Pinterest Psychology 101

1. If I have to scroll 1-2 pages to get past the blast of pins you just pinned....there is most definitely something up. If it's a batch of engagement, wedding, or baby related pins then you were just SEARCHING for those things. You didn't just happen upon them on your main feed. This helps me to conclude that you're about to be engaged/married/a parent...or getting a new hairstyle. Don't think you're fooling anyone! We all see you pinning this stuff at 2am!!

2. The type of jokes you pin to your "Funny" board says a lot about you. Bathroom humor? Sarcasm? Cutesy? Grumpy cat? You name it, the type of pins you put on your humor board determine whether or not we could be friends in real life. Or if I do know you in real life, whether or not I want to be friends with you...

3. If you had a spare $5,000 kickin' around...I now know what you'd spend it on. How creepy that I'd be able to pick out exactly where you'd choose to vacation, what swimsuit you'd buy, how you would braid your hair, and which beach you'd be on the entire time.

4. If you have over 10 boards and over 10,000 may just be a pin-hoarder. *Guilty as charged* I get you, pin all the inspirational pins!!

5. I may not know you, but I'm pretty sure I could make a Psych Profile just on your pins. Lemme're a 3rd grade teacher, LDS, have a small but respectable blog, want to dress minimalist like post-baby Sydney from The Daybook, but look as posh as Rach from Pink Peonies on her pre-fame budget, you're learning to do those 5 various braids that look as difficult as Algebra 2, and how to do that new yoga/crossfit routine, while also trying to make family crock-pot meals to freeze for the next know, to save you some time ;)


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This is hilarious! You can tell a lot about a pain from their pinterest page. It's the best during thr holidays to use for gift ideas :)

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

HA! Love number 5, like a lot.

Caitlin Olsen said...

Spot on, my friend! Ain't nobody foolin' you!

Kelsey Eaton said...

hahaha number 5. just. hahahha

Bree said...

Soooooo everyone knows I was about to do something to my hair? #crap