Breezy Days: Warby Parker Home Try-On


September 3, 2014

Warby Parker Home Try-On

I've been in the market for some new glasses, but most of the time I find the best deals online. The problem with shopping online? Not being able to try things on, argh! With Warby Parker I was able to pick 5 different frames and have them sent to my home for free with their Home Try-On program. I was so excited to open the box to all these adorable styles!

I really liked the square-ish frame, but it might be too dark for my face. I tend to go for brown or tortoiseshell frames.

I really liked the tortoise print on this pair! Definitely a contender. 

I wanted to try these in the tortoiseshell option, but they weren't available this time around for home try-ons. Darn! I picked the other color available to try out the style. These are probably my favorites, and in tortoiseshell? Swoon!

Which ones do you think are the cutest? Best fit? Keep me posted in the comments! 


Unknown said...

I love the walnut tortoise, definitely! Looks amazing and such a cool vintage style!

They suit you a lot!!

New follower :)

Krystal @ Krystal's Korner said...

The first pair is my favorite. I don't think they're too dark for your face at all.

I never knew Warby Parker did this! I think next time I need new glasses I will give this a try. I always feel so rushed trying to pick a pair at my eye doctor's office and I never have anyone with me to give their feedback.

Unknown said...

If you can get Finch in tortoise shell then that would be my pick! :D

H O N E Y said...

the 2. and 3. one look great on you girl! ♥