Breezy Days: 4th of July + Provo River Float


July 15, 2014

4th of July + Provo River Float

Now that I'm done re-capping our super fun Sac/SF trip, I finally get to share my 4th of July weekend festivities with you!! Like I said in this post, we met Rosa & Ian at the wedding in Sacramento and they came to visit us for the weekend with our friend Jaz. It was a serious blast. Non-stop eating, hanging out, late nights, and holiday weekend excitement! 

We woke up early 4th of July morning to my brother Jesse cooking an amazing German Pancake breakfast for us. Yummmmm. After we were in a food coma for a couple of hours, we started to make burgers for our BBQ. Ryan got this new contraption which helps put and keep stuff inside a burger patty. So we ate cheese-stuffed burger patties....they are just as amazing as they sound! 

After another heavenly food coma, we pulled together chairs and blankets and swung by Sodalicious for some treats to snack on while watching the fireworks. We camped out on BYU campus and watched the amazing Stadium of Fire show! Such a perfect 4th!

On the 5th we drove up the canyon and floated the Provo River, which is insanely fun by the way. I've lived here for YEARS and have never done this. What the heck was I doing?! Ryan wasn't able to make it that day, but I told him that I'd definitely be up for floating the river again. It was a blast! Even with the horrific sunburn I ended up getting...totally worth it ;)

Finally a successful river float selfie!! After our 2 hour float we were ravenous! We hauled our river/swamp people rears over to Firehouse for a nice hearty sandwich...and man was that satisfying. The holiday weekend carried on with bonfires, smores, card games, much needed naps, and more delicious food until our friends made their way home on Monday. Can't wait for some more summer parties! 

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